LINDLAND backs out of Cage Rage

Matt Lindland backed out of fighting Anderson Silva in Cage Rage due to a better offer in the US.


IFL, gotta be


Linland didn't want anything to do with that whoopin he was going to get.

bigmills and undisputed, STFU!! If he got an offer he couldn't refuse why wouldn't he. Like Kimbo says a nigga needs his bread! I can only hope whatever it is will either be on PPV or I can go see it.


TTT for the #1 contender and the man Franklin fears!!!

this sucks for CR

first Vitor

then Shaolin

now Matt

Lindland would beat Silva.

Also, as of last week, according to all of his interviews, he didnt sign any how could he be backing out of something?

I'm sure of he did in fact sign a contract, he would have honored it!

A verbal agreement is much different...

Kind of lame to back out. When is the actual event?

Beating Silva (as he would have) would have possibly opened the door to an invitation to Bushido.

no way in hell Lindland beats Silva.

smart business/career decision for Lindland to skip that one.

Lindland could beat Silva...bad matchup for Silva actually IMO.

The event is April 22nd

Diego- interesting, I had no idea Cage Rage worked primarily on verbal agreements.

If that is the case, perhaps Matt verbally agreeing should have been honored? I have no I dont think its a good idea to not have written agreements.

However, its usually because the promoters end up screwing the fighters, which it doesnt seem to happen with Cage Rage, as they seem to be upstanding people.

In any case, he must have gotten a substantial offer, which I am very interested to hear what it could be, since it obviously wont be from Zuffa.

Lastly, stylistically speaking, Lindland would be a horrible matchup for Silva- there is no way that Matt is intimidated by anyone...especially someone in his own weight class!

"Cage Rage doesnt sign contracts with fighters. Its all verbal agreements.
99% of fighters hold their word. However i dont think Cage Rage is upset
with Lindland. They seemed like they understood that money talks."

First of all, you don't know that, second of all, Lindland knows Anderson
would be a real bad match for him.... I mean really bad.... so he run.

he'd kill mardquardt

don't know about anderson though

How could anyone think Lindland would not beat Silva? Takase beat Silva. Chonan beat him. Silva couldn't do dick with an injured Jeremy Horn in a pure standup fight.

what's your point?

you make no sense.

anderson silva has beaten plenty of very good fighters.
he simply hasn't fought anyone but 1 guy on that whole list above him.
so what.
neither has sakuraba.
whats your point?

he's beaten murray, newton, steibling, horn, rivera, etc. ...

ask yourself,'s his win/loss ratio compared to the others on the list?

i think everyone on that list would get beaten badly except maybe henderson and busta.

Haulport and Orcus are correct:

While I am a fan of Anderson Silva, and love watching him fight...he has not had any amazing wins that would indicate that he would be able to beat Matt Lindland, who has the exact strengths to completely nullify Silva's attacks.