Link to sand bags?

Can any one post a link to a sight that sells sand bags?

Try to find a local Army Surplus (or military surplus) outlet that sells Navy Seabags. Perfect for sandbag lifting and complete with handles and shoulder straps for the ever fun "put this heavy bag on your freakin' back and walk all the way over there!" exercises! ;)


Not sure if you are aware...but you can make your own for about $20..give or take $ long as there is a home depot or Lowes near your home.

1. Army Duffle Bag
2. Sand: I think i paid $2 for 50lbs
3. Duct Tape: $2.75
4. 3mil trash bags: $7 - $8

Here's a link to my article on how to make an adjustable (variable weight) sandbag:

Wiggy -

Beware of canvas bags with that damn plastic water repellent coating on it. I made that mistake first time around and had trouble gripping bag.

I eventually ended up with two bags - seabag like Scrapper was talking about and a 4 foot tall army duffel for $18 at army/navy surplus store. Tall bag is great for bearhugs.

Scrap is on it with the Sandbags!
I got a 100lb heavy bag off of Ebay for 20 bucks, and use it for bear hugging, and weighted agility drills.