Listening to BabyJoe on CageSide

Right now going back and forth with some other dude defending his brother Dan. I think Dan's on too.

This is funny. Is a TeleFight possible? They sound ready to go now. Mass accents in full effect!


lol, Joe is now negotiating weights for his brother now.

"160? Ok then 160"  haha

"Joe I'll fucking smack you in the head too"

"You're a fucking tough guy on the phone"


holy shit this is hysterical.

Jan 17th, 2008
Guests: Lauzon, Calandrelli, Davis, Lister, Burkman, RaRa, Cavallaro, Mannino
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"why would an 18 year old kid with four fights be put in it (the UFC?" Speaking of Lauzon.

Well I was at that fight and Dan showed that he certainly has the talent to be there.

Thanks Chris. I've never heard a radio show like this.

This guy pissed of two Lauzons. I hope he's tough.

"fucking tool"

oh boy. How long will this go on? Very funny.

kinda silly. elementary, watson.

"kinda silly. elementary, watson. "

Yes, exactly why I'm enjoying it. lol

I really am.

It's fantastic.

Andrew said that he would smash Joe Lauzon too.
Is he serious?

LOL, elias.

thanks for the plugs guy.


"Andrew said that he would smash Joe Lauzon too. Is he serious? "

I can't imagine he is.

It's just better not to comment on others' situation unless it's to wish them well. Otherwise you got this situation on your hands. He keeps on saying he has a right to his opinion, and defends his opinion, but why not just not comment on others' fortunes if not to congratulate them?

Totally entertaining job guys!

And look out for Daddy Lauzon :-)

First time listener to the show- very entertaining, i will be sure to tune in again.

i didn't hear all of it, but Andrew seemed laid back most of the time. that's teh way i prefer to be myself. the whole shit talking thing is just funny to me.

did he just say, "everybody stay black"? LOL

TTT for the Lauzons