Local semi comp track&field event

3rd annual dare to be alive track and field event May 19th. Held at the barnstable high school in Hyannis, MA so it's not very far for many on here. people are always bragging about how gifted they are so show up and run what ya brung I ran last yr and placed 1st in adult 100&200 3rd in 400 and 3rd in long jump. I do have to throw in that the 1,2 and 4 were about 5 minutes apart also so I was pretty beat by the time the 400 came around. This yr tho the events will be staggered better. Young kids 100, teens 100 adult 100 and then on through like that rather than doing all the kids then all the teens etc. It is competitive in that there is a clocker for each lane and medals are given to the top 3 in each event but it's not an olympics by any stretch, you certaily wont see Justin Gatlin here

check out the website www.daretobealive.org it's a pretty cool organization that helps people who are recovering physically and financially from life saving organ transplant operations. you can find out more about the organization and the event. it was a real good time last yr, 3 different age groups and events for the young ones too so you can have fun with the whole family

someone on here has to be interested

Do you live in Mass?