LOL - Diego BOOed

loved it when the crowed booed when the showed Diego

I laughed at that also.

the guy needs a p.r. agent.

lol @ mexicool

Diego looked like he wanted to cry after hearing the boos.......

wuts a metrosexual?

but he always looks like a gay porn star

Why did Diego get Booed? He's a weirdo, sure, but he's a damn good fighter.

"Only an uneducated metrosexual would boo one of UFC's most talented fighters."

only a homosexual would not boo after seeing Diego with his 'soul glow' hair and his stupid outfit. It looked like he bought half of it from hot topic, and the other half from the womne's dept in the Gap.

Diego looks more and more like a guy I saw pimping out a Donkey Show girl in Juarez once.......Not a good time for me or the girl, maybe the donkey though.....maybe.

it was a fiesty crowd. They booed that NY Yankee ball player too.

now that sherk lost it could set up a match for him and diego. sherk was considered in the top 3.

they bood some baseball guy too. kinda almost felt bad for both

I like Deigo's fighting style, i really do.
However, i can't stand to hear him talk. Just seeing him puts me in pain.

Yea, why the hell did the boo that baseball player? A lot of red sox fans in Vegas? lol

Two weeks ago they cheer him wildly before, during,
and after his amazing ground war vs. Diaz. Then
they boo him?

I don't get it.

actually, on second though - i do feel a little bad for him.
He's 20yrs old, and yea he says some stupid things..but god knows i did the same when i was 20

Yes, he's a good fighter, but there are lots of good fighters out there. We don't have to like them all.

It has nothing to do with his ability.. Look at T Owens... He's great, but a dick.
Diego is just frekain weird. He should have strapped on some roller skates wit that outfit.

"Why did Diego get Booed? He's a weirdo, sure, but he's a damn good fighter."

He was my pick to win TUF, but its really hard to like the guy, he's just such a tardskull.

He a very talented fighter, but seems like a total dork. No surprise that he isnt well liked.