LOL McG Says HE's Losing Interest

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There’s something odd going on between McGregor and the UFC right now, with Dana White refusing to give a straight answer on why “The Notorious” hasn’t been booked yet. At one point, Mac was too rich. Who knew if he’d ever bother coming back to UFC? In another deflection, Dana said Conor wasn’t in training camp so they couldn’t offer him something.

“I had a camp in Cannes, the South of France, I had a camp in Dubai where I had world champions training with me where I was hoping for a December date, then a January date,” McGregor countered. “Then it keeps getting pushed back, then I lose interest and stop full-training for a while. Not stop training, I will always train, but stop full training and drinking a little back. I’m going to go back and regroup.”
McGregor currently has two fights left on his UFC deal and you better believe the promotion wants him to re-sign before he fights his way to free agency. But slow-playing him on his return bout may just be the wedge that finally pushes Mac to re-think his relationship with the promotion.

In a press junket interview with BackstageOL, McGregor re-iterated his desire to fight at UFC 303 on June 29th.

“I’m hoping to get in [June],” he said. “You can tell your man Hunter [Campbell] that he needs to get in there and get the ball rolling. I’ve got this workload here — lot of press, lot of partying. After that I’m in fight camp, I’ve got my team here and we’re ready to go. So hopefully June 29th please, and we get going.”

I think MMA Fans are losing interest @Steven_McTowelie




“You can’t be bored of ME, I’m bored of YOU!!!”

Dude is done anyway.

He knows it, we know it, Dana knows it.

He likely wants to capitalize on what little good will is left and try to box some geriatric for the money whereas Dana wants the same for UFC, squeeze the lemon dry because he surely still sells better than a lot of other “headliners” these days and not let Conman waste his remaining capital outside UFC.

Dana will win this stalemate.

UFC doesn’t need Conman but will take some sales if they can. Conman needs the UFC because they control his destiny and he is on the clock. He can’t sit around forever and then still fight someday.


Why wont Dana get it done?

Get what done? A fight?

He doesn’t want Conman fighting out his contract. Probably holding out on booking his next fight until he gets some assurances like a contract extension.


We’ve all lost interest



You must be crushed. The clickbait world will never be the same.

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The last time conman mcroidhead won a fight


Hardcore fans lost interest in him a long time ago


He’s still undefeated against fans.


I never cared

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We can relate Conor.

Why would you even be in a training camp without a fight signed?


Dana better announce something soon.
If it’s Chandler it’ll last one round , it’ll be the mma version of Hagler Hearns with Conor getting knocked out but holy fuck it’d be sensational.

I highly doubt any contract is structured in a such a way that you can indefinitely put a guy on an ice for as long as you want. Either Conor is turning down fights or there was a PED violation or something.


yea…francis waited it out