long hair and training

hey all. i would like some advice for training with long(er) hair. I have hair that's past my ears and nose. it's extremely annoying to train with. i wear a headband for warmups but can't wear it when drilling or rolling. (it falls off, or someone will probably choke me with it ;)

any suggestions?

i'll just go ahead and say thanks in advance for all the geniues who suggest cutting it for a solution.


cut it, its equally annoying for your partner, who cant choke you without pulling you hair.

?? It doesn't pull my hair when I get choked.

I'm going to pretend that this thread doesn't exist for the answer is so
obvious as to be painful.

Here's an excerpt from my forthcoming book
"Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu For Hippie-Rocker-Musician

The BJJ For Longhairs Technique:

"Ponytail your hair with a GOOD elastic hairtie (not
the terrycloth kind) on top of your head and loop it
in so it's not hanging long. Next put on a lycra
Speedo swimmers cap available at BIG 5 Sporting
Goods or the like. Lastly, put the headgear over it. It
stays on pretty well. If I'm rolling for an hour, I have
to adjust the cap or the gear a few times but the
cap and headgear are a MUST. They keep the mop
out of your way, but more importantly, it keeps the
mop out of your partners way, all rolled up on top of
your head."

Other chapters of the book include:
"Stage Dive Into Armbar", "The Groupie's Open
Guard" and "Rear Naked W/ A Fake ID"

i'd cut it but it's just too beautiful

ps- this is a serious question

I had long Bolton-esque hair for many a year but finally decided that it was a liability when, during a competition, my opponent decided to hold my head face down on the mat via the application of his foot to my fringe.

I ended up getting a whole chunk of my scalp ripped off and now have a rather attractive bump/scar to boot.

These days it's a visit to the #0 hair dresser at least once a week - anyway a skin 'ead hair cut looks way more intimadating that freaking Boy George.


Remember the story of Sampson. Once Delilah cut
his hair, he lost his strength (uh, I mean his
technique). Let us not let that happen to us. We
are in the minority my friend. Let us bring long hair
back to BJJ like all those groovy Gracie photos
from the 70s! Yeah!

I tell ya, summers in Tarzana make a guy wanna
shave his head, and I almost did... -Ya gotta want

As we all know, BJJ'ers are a rare breed. Rarer
still, are the White Tigers of Bangladesh. Even
more hard to find are the White Elephants of India.

The scarcest animal on The Planet however, is the
BJJ Longhair.

I had long hair, I got sick of having to readjust my hair tie every 5 mins so i cut it, best decision ever

Actually Mars Man, I'm thinking about cutting mine. I haven't yet found a short cut that I like, but I've been looking.

If you can pull it back into a ponytail, do that. And then use wrestling head gear. I've had long hair the whole time I've been training BJJ, and this works pretty well.

- Kyle

if you're going to do bjj, get a haircut, long hair is out anyway

Try braiding it, if it's long enough.

Well, you can probably figure out where I stand on this matter.

I like the braiding idea though if you decide to keep it. You should keep the Captain America headband AND get some corn rolls.

Kyle is correct... Headgear over a do-rag and I have no problems. Should have did it years ago.

Get a haircut you hippie!

zeropoint: LOL!

I train with a Rasta. it's interesting... nothing like sweaty dreads in your face..

Unless you squat to pee,cut your hair and be a man. Also, refer back to James Warring vs Erik Paulson on why it is a bad idea to have long hair.

last guy ended up with a busted eye socket. thought he could grab my hair with 2 hands and put his foot on my chest. left him open to alot of puinches he couldn't defend. i ended up having a small bald patch.

on a side note to everyone that says its homo to have long hair. i'm sure your lady would like it when i have my hair down and its tickling her back. when i'm tapping on the back door. the ladies love it