Thomas "Thunderkick" Longacre has officialy challenged undefeated [25-0] pro boxer George "Comanche Boy" Tahdoonipah to a boxing match at 160lbs

The fight offer is believed to be one of the best paydays in Georges career, but don't expect him to accept, he has never fought anyone that was a challenge.

If you would like to help "influence" Comanche Boy, please reach out and let him hear you by posting on his facebook page. ;-)

Thunderkick = the REAL Native America Warrior!

Let him hear the wrath of the OKUG!

 WOOO! I almost thought that Thomas was going to claim to be THEE REAL NATIVE AMERICAN NIGHTMARE.

Now I can sleep. I would love to see that fight. Anyone interested could also contact Bobby Dobbs, Commanche Boys manager, on FB?


 I am going to have to bet on the NDN in this fight and not the 25-0 NDN either.


I say a native wins this fight..... ;-) Phone Post

Remember Comanche Boy's reaction when you proposed this fight to him after XFN on In The Cage?

He was already making 'boxing' excuses to duck.

I'd like to see it but I doubt Tapidapoohdiwapidoo takes the fight. Phone Post

That's a funny name. No way he takes the fight. He should be able to beat Thomas, should be considered a 'gimme' matchup for Comanche Boy, but I feel a dicktucking of MAJOR proportions coming up. Phone Post

Comanche Boy will not take this bout.

waits for Sullivan's comments

 Does Thunderkick have any boxing experience?

Mepaqehe -  Does Thunderkick have any boxing experience?

Yes, I think he has had at least a couple of boxing matches. One of them was at the Brady on a mixed card. DAC would know for sure how many matches and against whom Longacre has had.

We gon' see some BROWN on BROWN crime!!!

That sounds nasty!!!

Thunderkick all the way!!! Phone Post

Be won't get a big payday with a his undefeated record. He hasn't beat anybody. It's safe to say Thomas is better known around the fighting game than is George. I am enjoying trolling the fuck out of his Facebook fan page though! Phone Post

The guy George is boxing Jan 13 is 37 years old and only 11 -8 as a boxer. No pulse and no challenge imo

I talked to babby dobbs about this fight and he said they had already accepted the fight as long as it was 6 rounds. Currently the fight offere was a 4 rounder. Is this correct Mr Cook?

Obviously wanting Thomas to think they want a long fight and to take him into deep waters so he will train for a long fight. In reality, they are planning on coming out strong and looking for a quick knock out. Transparent game plan that won't work. Phone Post

Thomas has agreed to every detail and demand, including 6 rounds.

There should be noexcuse now, unless.....

So Comanche Boy asks Dale to headline the next Xtreme Fight Night card but refuses to take a real fight?

Makes perfect $en$e to me

I was told by someone on the Joint production staff this weekend that the next XFN will be USA vs. Japan and Mike Tyson will be the special guest.

the Joint sucks for a venue