Looking for power rack

Looking for a power rack for a home gym. Basically do squats, bench, and pull-ups. Been looking at Rogue racks and they're nice. 

The issue I have is, brand new house, and I can't bolt anything to the garage floor because of tension rods in the concrete. 

So I need a stable rack that can't be bolted to the floor. Suggestions?

I have a Titan x2. It says to be bolted down but I don't and it's fine. If you put plate storage on there you are set. With weights and attachments mine is around 600lbs.

Matrix Mega Racks. Very heavy, all the functions. But rather expensive. Titans are a reasonable value. Maybe check out Sorinex

i have a titan t2 in my garage not bolted down. had it for over a year and love it. think it was $289 on ebay with free shipping when i bought it.

I have the Titan T3 short 36" with the 10" extension to hold plates.  Sits on stall mats. Not bolted down. Doesn't move and inch. 

The adjustable monolift attachments are awesome.

I have a rogue sml-2. It isnt bolted and works fine.  The only time when having it unbolted might be an issue is when you are reracking the bar after benching since the force of throwing it back onto the jcups can make the rig slide backwards on a bare concrete floor...but if you can have the rear legs up against a wall that solves that problem.