Losing the last pounds for a fight

Hello, I’m Aron…

In a week I am competing at a small Championship in boxing… I moved down a weightclass from 80kg to 75kg because I was somewhere inbetween.
Now after waking up, going to the bathroom and not eating, I weigh in at 76.2kg or ~168 pounds, in exactly 1 week I have to weigh in at 75kg ~ 165 pounds.
The weigh in is maybe couple of hours before the fight 5/6h maybe, and every day I’ll have to weigh in again for the next fight. Weigh-in is always in the morning.

I need advice… Whats the strategy to go for? I have to be nearly full of energy and have my weight.
Thanks in advance.

Keep voting for Biden would be the best way to stay in a calorie deficit. Hard to eat when there’s nothing on the table.