lower back probllems

i pulled a muscle in my lower back and now i am having back spasms, i called into work sick today, it feels alright when i am laying down or sitting but i cant stand up straight, the pain is lower right hand side, it gets better throghout the day is worst in the morn, i have taken some robaxecet, what else can i do to help it? stretching?? anywthing??
thanks to any suggestions

this happened to me just 10 days ago. Its like my 4-5th time. Ice, ibuprofen and beer healed it right up :) But ya if its buggin ya, take some time off work and play video games man. It can be a bitch if you keep aggravating it.

yoga helped me alot. just get into it slowly.

i know i have to clean an apt and move at end of this week, i dont know if i'll be ready, so you think ics is better than heat? i cant miss work either luckily all i do is tech support so answer phones is easy enough.
anyother suggestions i have been doing a little stretching and taking ibuprofin, that seems to help it

I have found that ice is only good immediately after
the pain, not days later. heat is much better. hot
showers and hot rags applied every hour. I also
found belive it or not, TheraFlu worked wonders for
my back pain.

TheraFlu knocks me out. Might be good at night though.

yeah it is getting alot bette i am able to walk around i am still having long baths in hot water to help tho especially in the morning
not sure what thera flu is but i might have to check it out

TheraFlu original formual is a powder you mix in
hot water -- it relieves flu symptoms like muscle
pains, etc. You can find it near the cold remedies.

Ice, rest, get a proper diagnosis. In general, putting heat on an injury is detrimental, whether it's an hour after it occurs, or a week later when you still are experiencing discomfort. There are legit times to use heat, but people telling you to use heat instead of ice are mistaken.

I respectfully disagree regarding not using heat. It
is standard Soviet protocol to use heat 24-hrs after
damage is done. I am not a commie but I respect
their knowldege of sports science. Also when I
went to an Arrthur Jones seminar about 15 years
ago in Florida, he was asked that very same
question, in typical Jones bluntness, he
responded "heat, asshole". I am not calling
anyone on this board an asshole, I am merely
quoting Jones who knows his stuff.

By what I've read online I agree with Mark Alderson. From what I understand, it is only appropriate to use heat on chronic injuries.

Ice reduces swelling. Heat can relax the muscle. Ibuprofin can help with inflammation. Rest will let it heal. If its real bad go to the doc and he can prescribe muscle relaxers.