Lytes Out DEEP Dive " John Perretti "

Former UFC Matchmaker John Perretti joins us in order to discuss the Contenders Grappling Event and its impact on modern Jiu Jitsu.

John Perretti addresses a lot of the rumors and backstage issues during his tenure with the UFC and does NOT sugarcoat what took place. Perretti is a man that has been scrubbed from the UFC’s history books and in this interview you will find out why.

John Perretti, a man that deserves to be in the UFC Hall of Fame

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It took a minute to get his respect and catch our rhythm

I waited for that moment prior to asking the questions that he would have normally passed on

This interview is going to piss a bunch of people off


This should be fun. He always has something interesting to say.

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You’re the GOAT interviewer Mike! Can’t wait to give this a watch

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I already commented on YouTube but I’ll just say again that Peretti is exactly the guest this podcast was made for. Guys like Davie and Meyrowitz deserve credit for starting the UFC but Peretti is the creator of what pro MMA became. It could be argued that there wouldn’t be a modern UFC without his framework.

I had a couple dealings with Peretti like a million years ago and I think I said at the time that the man was born without a sense of humor…. or even a personality. LOL.

I almost spat out my coffee when he yelled at Mike to stay focused and again when he was about to lose his mind because he thought Mike was accusing him of putting on a work.


I’ll probably listen to this one a few times to take the information in. Peretti may not be the friendliest guy, but he’s honest. Newer fans, who aren’t familiar with the matches he made, can watch UFCs 16-30.

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We knew that there was going to be “confrontation” within the interview process

I held back the John Lewis stuff until we got his respect

Otherwise he wouldn’t have answered it


igor z vs royce, would love to see it


Royce wrote a monthly article in Black Belt in the mid-late 90’s. He wrote one bashing Extreme Fighting after their first show. He singled out Mario Sperry for his preposterous record (ignoring Rickson’s claims at being 400-0), and talked about being Brazilian doesn’t make you a good fighter and it doesn’t mean you represent the Gracies (even though Sperry was a legit Carlson black belt). He also claimed that Extreme Fighting offered him a measly 5k, which Peretti himself got a letter published denying this and said the number offered was substantially higher.


@LytesOutPodcast Im Thinking @Vrill would be a Gr8 Guest


I just added those tidbits into my notes

Next interview, he will get a shout out

That information is invaluable


Cote , Cote , Cote … No April Phools ")


Damn this episode was a real treat for any fans of NHB/MMA History even more so than usual. John Peretti is a unique guy and doesn’t seem like he lost any of his opinions lol.

Art Davie ufc matchmaking kick backs?
Dan Severn threatening his life lol
UFC Japan having works?
And hearing about that Documentary on Battlecade Extreme Fighting 2… I need to hunt that down

Would love to see a Part 2 or a John Perretti vs anyone debate. Great ep!


Art Davie vs. Peretti!

ufc 23 tourney was works, he said

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The UFCJ tourney in that is one of the most boring things you can watch. Peretti made it clear on commentary that he has nothing to do with the tournament.