well said Keith! Congrats to Chris.

Lytle is one of those guys that you just can't seem to not enjoy completely. Great guy out of the gym, amazing competitor inside the octagon. Fully well rounded game. I will always watch a Chris Lytle fight. Always.

His kneebar last night, was so slick and so sick.

UFC 110 - Submission of the Night ($50,000)
TUF9 Finale - Fight of the Night ($25,000)
UFC 93 - Fight of the Night ($40,000)
UFC 89 - Fight of the Night ($40,000)
UFC 81 - KO of the Night ($60,000)
UFC 78 - Fight of the Night ($55,000)
UFC 73 - Submission of the Night ($40,000)

Keith Palmer - Dann,

Chris and Matt Brown was a great fight, especially for a smaller promotion. I lucked into being able to put that one on. Brown blew up after that fight. Chris has nothing but respect for him. Would be a great one if they ever get to do it again.

Hell yeah, I was cageside for that UFL fight! Years later I was looking at Lytle's stats and saw that he'd fought Matt Brown, which I didn't remember......then I looked at the venue and was like, "Oh yeah.....I guess I was like, AT that fight....."

ALWAYS happy to see Lytle win. I always want good things for him, and Bonnar in particular. Good guys with lots of heart.

Lytle is a great guy, intense fighter. Usually the "B side" in a fight promotion but he always brings it and always comes to win. Amazing heart, too.

 To bad his manager is a dbag..  A dbag that looked like he ate a small village.

Easy on the carbs Pav

Every time he fights I become more of a fan.

Lytle is a big asset to the UFC win or lose. It will be a sin if they cut him because of losing because the guy always brings it

I knew the programmers stuck this fight in between because it would end early. It looked like to me that Lytle was about to be KO'd, great comeback for Lytle.

ttt for a hell of a guy!

Can't help but like and respect Lytle.

You aren't a fan of MMA if you don't like Chris "Lights Out" Lytle!!!

 love watching him fight

never heard a bad thing about the guy

 TTT for Lytle. Hes the man and a fellow Hoosier. Lytle makes any fight he gets in a war and excitiing and he would be way higher on the ladder if not for some robbery decisions and cut losses. Hell dude has never been KO'd or subbed in 50 plus fights who else has done that. I hope he can string a few more wins together. Dude is one of the most underated fighters out there imo.

He will retire in the UFC, they would be foolish to ever let him go!!!!

Chris Lytle is one of my favorite fighters. Another great performance last night.

ttt 4 Lytle

 Chris is one of my all time favorite fighters!

I'm a huge Lytle fan.

That knee bar last night had me jumping out of my chair.

I was really hoping for another slick Lytle sub.

When he subs people you remember it.

Like the School yard headlock on Tiki.

Or the Kimura/Triangle on Jason Gilliam.

Now that beautiful kneebar.

Just awesome.

 lytles always come off as a very respectable guy too