Machado Triangle Book

Just saw this on 200 pages of triangles! The sample page looks great but has anyone seen it yet (the website is taking preorders but I know some people here have the hookups!)

looking forward to getting it, should be out in like 4 days

Looks pretty cool. I'll have to pick up a copy. puts out some awsome stuff.


Looking forward to this book.

where is this book available from? I checked the website but it still says preorder. But it's already past the date?????

Is it available anywhere else?

Doesn't look like Amazon has it yet either

Thanks emengeeroxx.

Guess I'll just have to keep my eye on it.

New anticipated ship date for the book is June 20. In addition, the book will be shipped with a 2 hour companion DVD at no charge. More details:

OK, that clinched it. Time to put my order in.

ttt for later

Put my order in earlier. I'll let you all know how it is when it arrives.

BTW, if BJJtapes reads this, it was the DVD that made it a must have. The thing putting me off was postage originally, I'd have bought it from a retailer in the UK without the DVD so get your asses in gear and get them out to the various Amazons. :)

A free companion DVD? I'm getting it deffinitely now.

Does the companion CD come with orders from Amazon or is that just for BJJ tapes?

I am back on the forum for Rigan.

Let me say that I offer my deepest apologies to anyone who was offended by my previous threads. I got a little pissed off by some forum members that were piling on the bandwagon about my fulfillment orders.
Some of the orders in question were fulfilled last year, so I freaked.

Anyway, the Triangle book is about 200+ pages of techniques that encompasses stretches for the triangle, the key details of locking on a triangle, getting the triangle from every position - side control, back, mount, closed guard, open guard, and spider guard. The last section is on defending against the triangle. I included the DVD for several purposes:

One, since I already do DVD's it was a natural way to give customers value. This DVD is the best I have done.

Two, I wanted customers to see someone explain some of the moves in motion.

Three, I included about 30 mins of fights from last year's Mundial 2003 that had triangle submission - including the fight where Fredson Paixao tapped for the first time in competition. Rigan is giving ongoing commentary for the fights.

BJ Penn was kind enough to give this quote:

Training with Rigan Machado was definitely an experience that changed my life. At one time, I definitely think he was the greatest grappler that walked the earth.

I'm glad to see you're back and I'm HUGELY looking forward to getting my book and DVD!

I'm considering getting it, but shipping cost is a bitch!

When is margarida's new stuff coming out?


The Margardia DVD will be right behind Rigan's book. I interupted Margarida's project so that I could do Rigan's DVD. I wanted to give the customers more value that just a book.

The Margardia DVD series is probably one of my favorites. I know that some people have said that the moves he showed in the 1st DVD was fairly basic - but, that is his game and strength. What you will get from the DVD series is the mindset of a champion. After filming him, I understood why he was so good.

When you have seen as much tournament footage as I have, you start to realize that most of the winning moves are fairly basic. In rare cases, you will see
Leo Vieira do his star passes and etc., He is a freak of nature and his moves only work for him.

The last Mundial Champ - Mario Reis - used the same triangle set-up to beat Fredson Paxiao and all his other opponents. Jeferson Moura ( another Mundial Champ) used the same set-up.

Bread and butter or meat and potato moves.



Will you be coming out with another Feitosa series. I really enjoyed the gi and no-gi instruction from the last set. I've yet to find a better value than that set.