Madison, WI Mundial Champ 11/10&11

From the desk of Thales Blasso:


Luiz Claudio Augusto (Black belt under Rickson Gracie, also 2x World Champion) BJJ Seminar in Madison - WI


November 10th and 11th (Saturday and Sunday) - 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM (both days)

Monkey Bar Gymnasium (600 Williamson St. Suite k2, Madison Wi. 53703)


100.00 (one day)

125.00 (both days)


For more information Contact

Thales Blaso (608-209 6364) or

Josh Haq (608-2203466) or


there is a huge tournament in wisco that weekend.  only 45 minutes from the seminar.  i've been to several of luis' seminars, the tourny will be way cheaper and a better time.  just my 2 cents.

As Damian said, bad weekend to plan a Seminar in WI....pretty much everyone is going to be in the Dells for the Riverside Submission Challenge and Free (to Tournament Registrants)  Marcello Montiero Seminar

There is a 4+ page thread on this very site about the tourney titled:

Wisconsin Grappling Event Nov 10

Likewise, The FCC 31: The Return of Nick Agallar / Road to Japan show is being held in Racine that Saturday night and is also advertised as an MMA.TV Gold Event on the MMA.TV Home Page list of events.

Seems like a good seminar, but will I be 45 min away in the Dells getting more bang for my buck at Justin's Tournament.

why in the world would the guys at Moneky Bar put on this event for those days when they know that just -30 min away is one of the bigger tournaments and one that has been discussed heavily in the state for several months now.

makes no sense.

Yes, there is a free seminar that weekend if you are participating in the tournament. That seems liek a good deal to me.

So, I can go to a seminar for $100 OR I can compete in gi, no gi, and get a free seminar, plus hang out at chula vista...for $90. hmmmmmm........tough one.

What I want to know is, is he really that out of touch with the rest of WI that he just didn't know about all this.....or is he actually trying to compete with this stuff???

Justin has been sending out flyers to all of the WI Schools....I believe Henry got his info weeks ago....I'm guessing Monkey Bar had to have recieved info and  knew about the tournament........but who knows. 


I can't wait for the Marcello seminar - he always shows some cool stuff. The whole weekend at the Chula Vista should be a blast.

i'm not a huge fan of marcello either.  luis and he are of the same cloth, imo.


***edited to add

the tourny including seminar is still a better deal.

Are you talkign bad about Puerto Ricans again Demian, cuz that is just racist.

i didnt know the monkey bar was still around



yeah the monkey bar is still around, a called to see how much they cost if i could get into morning bjj classes. For 10 classes $130 or 20 for $220


That sounds kinda expensive to me.......


I just found out that there are also MT and MMA Fights in West Bend this weekend as well......Market Saturation in my opinion.....

Come on WI people we need to to pay closer attention to this stuff........Justin's Tourney date for the RSC has been out there for months.....let's coordinate a little bit here so we can enjoy all of these events and not have to choose between them because they are all on the same date!

Hell.....even Royce is down w/ the RSC and knows it's the place to be:

thanks kaz :) Hey I need to get all of my refs together friday night for a
meeting anyone who is gonna be a ref can you please email me at to confirm that you can still do it - thanks!

It looks liek Royce thinks we should do the tourney.

wow we really hijacked this thread