• The physical year.
    * Calm and collective.
    * That's a mute point.
    * Escape goat.
    * Statue of limitations.
    * Cease the opportunity.
    * Deformation of character.
    * I'm trying to stay focus.
    * What's your mother's mating name?
    * Supposably.
    * Once so ever.
    * I'm a head of the game.
    * A long and sorted history.
    * I can see your point of you.
    * I'm living my life bi-curiously through yours.
    * I dot all of my eyes.
    * I have the up most respect for her work.
    * We were as close as two pees in a pot.

 Mind bottling list.

 Wong From Ash Hole?

Willybone -  Wong From Ash Hole?


It's a doggie dog word out there
Oh, the ironing
Be more pacific
Don't take me for granite

"Oftentimes, we live in a processed world, you know, people focus on the process and not results." - George Bush

Making Money hand over foot

he's got a phonographic memory

he's got a pornographic memory

MMA-related because Brock said "escape goat" on this past episode of "TUF".

 My sister (who is a writer and editor which surprised me even more) said in an email the other day re: a dog my dad was going to adopt...

"He is going down there to meet the dog, and it everything works out he will adopt the dog sight on seen."  

I assume she mixed up "sight unseen", with "on sight"????

LOL all of these are great.

He went ballistics. Don't count your bridges before they hatch. I didn't just fall out of the turnip tree! Phone Post

I saw her out of my Parochial vision. Phone Post

Herring In A Fur Coat -  Minus well post this in the WRONG FORUM ASSHOLE.

For all intensive purposes, they are the same.




A wolf in cheap clothing
The Sixteenth Chapel
"Chicken Pops"
Herd of Cantaloupes

OP should have made this thread as a pole.

 Will there be a statue of limitations on this thread?