Malaysian Invasion MMA (a.k.a MIMMA) Finale on now

First up


MIMMA Flyweight Championship Bout:

Ngeoh Jian Chong aka “Cacador” (56.5 kg) vs Kenny Yap (56.7s kg)


Kenny with some ground and pound, good body kick landed, continues the ground and pound in the second round, nothing too damaging but relentless and it is putting him well ahead on the cards.

Ngeoh got up tried forcing a TD against the cage, escaped a guillotine but is on his back again defending GnP as the second round ends

third round total reversal as Ngeoh controls and takes the back, holds position and looks for the choke for much of the round. All the MIMMA tournament fights are for inaugural titles so into round 4 we go.


Kenny reasserts himself with GnP; almost gets caught by a big upkick but escapes unscathed beyond a bit of blood, and controls most of the round. Into the final round.


Crowd support for Kenny Yap of Monarchy gym - he continues the onslaught, it has been a largely one-sided fight. Controls him agains the fence and fires down shots to ensure a pretty wide decision win.

Kenny Yap of Monarchy - inaugural Malaysian Invasion flyweight champ.

Next fight sees the return of the gayest of the gay "entourage entrances". Christ, walk out on your fucking own like Prince Naseem Hamed, Chris Eubank and other glorious people.

This is the one Saiful Merican's fighting on isn't it?


Middleweight Championship Bout:

Hafiz Chandran (79.0 kg) vs Jim Chong Jing Yi aka “The Believer” (82.4 kg)

Some good transitions on the ground from Jim, slick moves and he becomes the inaugural MIMMA Middleweight champion with a second round TKO finish after a crucifix of sorts followed by a series of unanswered and undefended punches.

Jim "The Believer" Chong, inaugural Malaysian Invasion middleweight champ

want to watch but im about to pass out. cheers for the heads up though.

Keanu Subba time! Featherweight MIMMA title, come on mini-Nuke! We all live in a yellow Subba-marine - make like Lennon and shine on!

Keanu destroys him in seconds - BOOM! Inaugural Malaysian Invasion Featherweight champion

BrunoMcGyver - 

This is the one Saiful Merican's fighting on isn't it?

aye - and Saiful aint the only one on the card with more than one hundred Muay Thai fights - Tanaphong a.k.a Lanna Warrior (DARE MMA star, Chiang Mai Muay Thai champ, 113 wins 17 losses 4 draws MT)  is also on the card against Edward Kelly (who yes, is Eric's brother. Most say he's a much better striker than Eric too so should be interesting - could be a stand-up war between two skilled beasts!

ps-  inaugural MIMMA Heavyweight champion = the guy who was heavier and didn't take the fight on 5 days notice. I.e. not Chris Leow. First bad note of what thus far has been a decent night of fights

an exploding cauliflower ear - literally - is responsible for Ooi Aik Tong being inaugural MIMMA welterweight champion. Poor Sam :-(

his caulie ear literally exploded in blood... he's had better days


Keanu destroys him in seconds - BOOM! Inaugural Malaysian Invasion Featherweight champion!!!!

BRILLIANT performance! Flawless!

~"I told you - he's that good." ~Big Poppa Subba


And he's better looking than Gianni.


Chris "Boom Boom Boom, Now Lemme Hear You Say" LEOW took the MIMMA Heavyweight title fight on a few days notice, and lost via TKO after being dropped by punches. No shame, onwards and upwards chief; adversity builds character.

Inaugural MIMMA Heavyweight champion: Adrian Tham.


And NOW - a fight I've been greatly anticipating!

Lightweight Championship Bout:

Allen Solomon Chong aka “Orang Utan” (70.3 kg) vs Shammah Chandran (70.3 kg)


The colourful Allen Chong manages to establish some control with grappling and top position in the first two rounds, good technical grappling despite inflicting little damage. Shammah does manage three fierce upkicks, two of which appear to land flush.

Interesting fight.


The final MIMMA Title fight:

Bantamweight Championship Bout:

Muhd Aiman aka “Underdog Hero” (60.2 kg) vs Prabu Somanaidu aka Superman (61.1 kg)


Prabu was called the most savage Indian in Malaysia - now is the time for him to live up to it, versus "The Underdog Hero" from Muayfit.

Muayfit vs. Muayfit Puchong!

feeling out first round, some big shots thrown but neither is letting fly.

After this, the three super-fights with ONE FC star Peter "The Pistol" Davis vs. BJJ black belt Ariel Sexton, Saiful the Vampire (100+ wins in Muay Thai)  set to appear, and his fellow MT vet Tanaphong Lanna Warrior (113 wins in Muay Thai) versus Edward Kelly, Eric's brother and by most accounts a superior striker!

I'm leaning towards Prabu forr the MIMMA bantamweight belt


Big shots from Prabu! Prabu flurries! He's GOT THAT LOOK IN HIS EYES, JOE! He IS the most savage Indian in Malaysia!

Good exchanges in the first two rounds, Prabu landing harder and cleaner though, and got the best of the combinations.


Prabu landed some hurtful shots and a takedown in the fourth - coming on strong & could finish!

EDIT: does not finish, Aiman survives the round on his back dodging ground'n'pound... Prabu lands significant damage though and is visibly coming on stronger while Aiman's defence weakens with every attack.




Prabu lands some more shots and gains top position over a slipping Aiman, transitions into full mount, Aiman escapes but subsequent takedown puts Prabu back in mount - 20 seconds to finish!

He's throwing bombs!

Aiman survives the fight, but will not win the decision. Prabu is the inaugural MIMMA Bantamweight champion.


This concludes the Malaysian Invasion MMA Championship bouts!

It's time for the ONE FC / MIMMA super-fights.
Peter “The Pistol” Davis (69.7 kg) vs. Ariel “Tarzan” Sexton (70.0 kg) - this one's for the ladies out there! Male Model Davis is here to make you MOIST
Aditya Deshpande (58.9 kg) vs Saiful “The Vampire” Merican (59.0 kg)
Tanaphong LANNA WARRIOR Khunhankaew (65.8 kg) vs. Edward “The Ferocious” Kelly (65.6 kg)
Two of these stars in the super-fights have over ONE HUNDRED MUAY THAI VICTORIES each!!!
Lanna = 113w, 17l, 4d, & Saiful = 100+ wins