March is going to be tremendous for MMA and combat sports

  1. Jones vs Gane
  2. Nickal vs Pickett
  3. Usman vs Edwards III
  4. Gaethje vs Fiziev
  5. Brunson vs Du Plessis
  6. Neal vs Rakhmonov
  7. Vetorri vs Dolidze
  8. Brady vs Peireira
  9. Bellator LW GP quarters
  10. ONE Fight Night on Prime
  11. DI NCAA tournament
  12. Fury vs Usyk (maybe)
  13. ONE OW Muay Thai GP

Good lineup but one of these is not like the others :joy:

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That really is a stellar fucking lineup

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kys already attention deprived retard

Add Yan vs Dvalishvili on March 11th to the list.

I’m telling ya, March is thick, solid, tight.


Part of your #9, but worth calling out on it’s own:

Usman Nurmagomedov vs Benson Henderson

Should be a fun one.


Nunes vs Aldana for 285 co-main? Lets see how it goes.

Moldavsky vs Vassell II has also been added to the March 10th Bellator card.

Jesus i thought bendo was retired. This will end poorly.

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Tapology has the Nunes fight listed as “unconfirmed rumor” but they generally only list those when they turn out to be true and get confirmed so it looks like its gonna be three title fights on 285.

UFC 285 Quick Card

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I see #9 Kape vs #6 Perez is happening on the last fight night of the month.

Don’t know the details but after losing the title fight vs Figueirido in 2020, Perez somehow has nine canceled bouts listed at tapology along with a loss to Pantoja.

Not sure how you get to hold the #6 ranking when you go 0-1 over two years but thats how it seems to work with these UFC rankings.

By the time the fight happens it will be almost three years since Perez had a win in the UFC. Meanwhile Kape has gone 3-2 in the time Perez is 0-1 and he is riding a 3 fight win streak.

the NCAA wrestling tournament should be #1 on that list. Honestly, none of those fights really gets me super excited. JBJ vs Ngannau would have

The list is not in order from best to worst and its in no particular order at all.

You are certainly free to order them in your own list from best to worst and put whatever you want as #1 most tremendous thing about March. Just understand your subjective preferences are just that, your preference.

Some people out there will look forward to the wrestling the most, a lot of people will most look forward to the Fury fight, others the Jones fight. I’d imagine a lot of people in India most want to see Bhullar compete in the ONE HW title fight on ONE Fight Night, hell I’m sure some hipster dorks are even most excited for the Shevchenko or Nunes titles fights. To each their own.

I’m personally looking forward to March as a whole more than any one thing.

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I hate this.

A lot.

2 WMMA title fight lead-ins?

Odds are high the main event won’t start until 2am EST.

Fuck off UFC. Air that shit as post-main event so we can see what we came for and leave.

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3 WMMA fights in a row, two being 5 rounders. That’s like a guaranteed 2 hour ordeal

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If they seriously wind up doing 3/5 main card fights as WMMA I’m out.

I’ll watch it on Sunday.

It would be like the NBA cramming an entire WNBA season in as prelims for the NBA finals thinking everyone will watch that way.