MaReviews Blog is Back

I've been ridiculously busy the last month or so, so my blogs haven't been updated, but I'm back in the fray now.

Scott Sonnon was kind enough to send me his new video to review. I quite like 'Smabo MMA Leg Attacks' even though it's a bit of a departure from the RMAX videos I'd seen in the past.

I know that's not S&C related, but there's more to come later.

There are a number of reviews I've got lined up. Stay tuned. And thanks to those who support the site with your patronage. Especially those who sent people to the page even when the content wasn't updated.

Sweet. Scott's always been a great friend to me and his stuff is always good (sometimes a bit over my head, but still good stuff).

Seriously, watching him roll with someone (in person) is unbelievable. He's got some SICK fluidity/fluidness/fluidability...whatever!

Definitely good stuff.


P.S. Dan still owes me part of an ear for trying to take him down in FREEZING ASS WEATHER!!!!


Thank you for your great review! I appreciated your feedback!


We're missing you up here in the PNW. There's always room in the Puget Sound for a swim when you return. :)

Best regards,