Margarida drawing

12x16" ball point pen

Good shit.

Wow, you are a good artist.


Nice job man!

Nice one Brad, once more.

i love seeing this guys drawings on this site..

he is an incredible artist

i will be having some of his drawings raffled off at my St. Jude Charity Event..they are really awesome.

Fearless Goat

thanks guys

Great work yet again.I have been wondering if you have ever thought about drawing up dream fight pics like a Rickson vs Sakuraba drawing or Couture/Silva I think that would be pretty cool

I get requests for the dream fight type pics often, but it's not really something I'm interested in. I'd prefer to capture what really happens, rather than do a dream fight. There are plenty of dream fights that have happened.

please, more sport bjj drawings!

JG, thanks for the contribution it is always nice to have someone steal into a thread so that they might offer their truly profound criticism. Superb, what with the busy schedule you must have, how do you find the time to grace this ste with your cutting wit and keen intellect?

I can't even trace my own name.

Jon Gauddette, you have no clue what you're talking about. There are tons of different types of art and artists. Many many artists work from photographs. Many work from life. Many work from imagination.

I almost always work from reference...for MMA stuff, that means from a photograph, because I don't have the opportunity to get the fighter to sit in front of me live for several hours while I draw them. Nor is it possible to draw fast enough to draw from a live fight. The only way to capture the action is through a photograph.

I draw from life whenever I can, and many of the drawings on my site are from life, but mostly I work from photographs (again, because I'm mainly interested in MMA artwork).

Drawing from imagination is an entirely different process than drawing from a reference (either life or photograph.) Drawing from a reference has to do with your observation skills. I have pretty good observation skills so I can draw pretty well...I can take a pencil and recreate on paper what I see in front of me, be it a photo, a still life, a person, etc.

I'm not as experienced at drawing from imagination (ie, cartoons, abstract and surrealist type stuff.) It's something I'm interested in and I sometimes do on my own time, but that's not the type of work that pertains to MMA or that I display on my website.

TTT for more kick ass work from Bradu

Yes, he uses a photo. Since it is so easy, JG, how about cranking a few of them out for us?