Mario Sperry leaves Blackzillians

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@guicruzzz: Mario Sperry leaves Blackzilians; team changes format, won't work with head coaches anymore via @TATAMEMAGAZINE Phone Post

They're fucked

good game no rematch

Didn't they ditch Van Arsdale for Sperry? Phone Post

he's probably not impressed with how most people at that camp are being partying playboys instead of working hard.

Are they the Blackians yet?

Good for him. That ship is sinking. Phone Post

What's a playboy? Phone Post

That whole camp needs to disband. Phone Post

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What's a playboy? Phone Post

basically a player...Which is fine and all but if your focus shifts to that rather than training hard, your going to have a horrible time in the octagon.

They are rudderless now.....They need a general not separate coaches...but someone that dictates the overall plan. Super team that is now a never was. Unfortunate cause they were stacked.

"Playboy" holds a negative connotation when referring to Brazilians. Guys with money who forgot where they came from. So yes, he is right! Phone Post

One of them probably woke up in Aronas guard.

carcaju - One of them probably woke up in Aronas guard.

you'd have thought if Sperry had taught them anything, he'd have taught them what to do in that situation.

then again... I haven't been watching closely. How many faggot punches have Blackzillian fighters been throwing in their recent fights?

no head coaches?

Not surprising Phone Post

Just seven months after joining the team and taking the head coach role, Mario Sperry has resigned his commission and departed. He left last week, although the news only became known today via Brazilian website Tatame.

"We no longer need a head coach, we cut that out. Now each coach will take care of his specific area, and once a week we meet to organize the training as best as possible and fix what is needed. As a group, it works better,” said Blackzilians fighter Danillo Villefort. 

However, he admits that Sperry’s departure is a loss. “It's a shame, he was very knowledgeable and had a lot to add," he says.

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Didn't they ditch Van Arsdale for Sperry? Phone Post

Negative.  Both were there at the same time.  MVA got injured really bad and stuck it out through Rashad's fight with Jones, but then departed.  I think he was a head coach, but primarily a wrestling coach for them.  

nobody saw this coming. . .