Martin Kampmann leaving Team Alpha Male

Kampmann will depart for personal reasons, as his family doesn't want to stay in Sacramento.

The gym's owner, former WEC featherweight champion Urijah Faber, says he's going to take his time finding a new coach. Faber said he reached out to Kenny Florian, who expressed interest but was uneasy about leaving Los Angeles, where he has a broadcasting career; and to former featherweight standout Mark Hominick.

Kampmann plans on staying until the replacement is found.

Huh. Phone Post 3.0

That was shortly lived .. It would be cool to see hominick help them out though Phone Post 3.0

Hmm... Phone Post 3.0

Bj penn!!!!

Jk that would awesome tho Phone Post 3.0

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Haha.. Phone Post 3.0

They can learn for anyone so it should be really easy to get a coach. Plus any everybody knows spend time at TAM and they'll make you a better coach too. Phone Post 3.0

I had never even heard of this guy , alpha male made him! - Me (from Chad Mendes' perspective)

I think Kenny would be awesome. Also you got a guy like swick, hardy, or even Lytle that should do wonders with there boxing experience Phone Post 3.0

Time to bring in the Cruze Phone Post 3.0

The most underratted coach in the sport may take it.  Uriah csll Sol Soliz!

They need to call Dan the Wolfman. Phone Post 3.0

cyrille diabate, yves edwards, marcus davis, josh thomson or pat barry. all retired except for thomson, all have massive amount of exp. and are good strikers. whether or not they are good coaches is another story. also understand yves just got a job as an analyst just throwing it out there.

They should hire Cruz.

He could teach them a thing or 2 about striking & MMA

I wish Kampmann would come back to fighting. One of my favs to watch. Phone Post 3.0

Yep - suck it up and hire Cruz.

His constructive criticism is second to none.

I hope you're reading this Yuryeah Phone Post 3.0

Yeah, I liked Kampmann. Great fighter. Phone Post 3.0

Didnt BLAF used to teach boxing? Another option Phone Post 3.0

I heard Dan Quinn is looking for work. He is even local. Phone Post 3.0