Mass Destruction Results?

anyone have results?

Andreas Jeudi won via split decision in a Muay Thai match (nothing split about it, he put on a knee clinic)

Dan Cole via unanimous decision

Dan Ferrer via ref stoppage from cut

Anthony McDonald via guillotine like 20 seconds into the fight

Attonito via referee stoppage between rounds

Dale Hartt via tapout from strikes

Rob McNeil via unanimous decision

Brian Olsen via ref stoppage/strikes

Mike Varner via unanimous decision

Percy Smith via rear naked choke

I'm not sure what fight the judge that scored the fight for Gamche was watching.

" I'm not sure what fight the judge that scored the fight for Gamche was watching."

They must consider a 2 or 3 punch flurry that doesnt land hard to a 7 or 8 knee barrage that all land solid.

Props to Mike Gamache (the Elite fighter) who hung tough out there... but Andreas from SYT is a beast!

Hmm, were they wearing the same color fighting trunks or something?

Here's an idea next time they put Ted Govola on a fight card they should have him fight 6 guys.Therefore we have a better chance of seeing fight at least one guy.

Govola was never supposed to be on this card - he is fighting at the next Mass Destruction in February

This is the first Mass Destruction in which all scheduled fights took place, despite the boxing commission's best efforts to cancel the Muay Thai fight

Exactly. Biggie what'd they do to try and scratch the MT bout?
It was pretty crazy that all the fights went off, Kipps got a lot of
checks to write


CR1chard get your facts straight, he was suppost to fight Mandela Kopuno that fell out.

Why would he be on the fight poster as well?

I want to fight Percy Smith..


You and Percy would be entertaining, just bring some
barbed wire fence to keep his crew in control. They were into
it last night

the Mandela fight was scrapped a while ago

the commish decided that night that the fighters would need 10 ounce gloves, and uniform headear and shin pads....from what I was told, regulation Muay Thai gloves are 16 oz., and most MT school don't carry around shin-pads with them - this isn't USKBA fruity boot-fights.

When questioned, the response was, "technically we're not even supposed to have an amateur match on a pro card, so give us a break"

Luckily, Mark Delagrotte brings an entire Muay Thai gym with him (or so it seems), so everything went down without much of a hith

I really don't get the headgear thing in a MT bout though - it just makes securing the head in the clinch that much easier

I am interested to see how good percy smith's standup is, as we know he is a pretty good wrestler.......marcello just couldnt get anything going

Do you remember when Sean Gannon fought Mike Dexter the 2nd time?

The bell rang at the end of round 1 and the fighters returned to their corners. Mike fell on the way to his corner and was helped by his crew.

The ref saw that Mike's nose was bleeding and gave him 2 extra minutes to recover and stop the blood.

Last night when Mark Raposo fought Rich Attonito Mark stayed on the ground at the bell. He sat up and complained that he couldn't see out of his left eye because he had blood in it.

Immediately I washed his eye and he was ok but had a small bleeding cut on the side of his nose near his eye.

The doctor came in and said if we can stop the blood he could fight.

The doctor asked Mark if he wanted to continue and he nodded his head and said "yes". the doc said ok. then the ref (gary) waived the fight off because he said we failed to leave the ring and a minute had expired (which we were not warned of or I didn't hear anything)

So I protested stating that we should get two minutes to stop the blood (which we had already done). The fight was declaired over, but I don't know if they called it a tko or a dq because we failed to leave the ring.

Let me make clear that in no way am I trying to take any credit away from Attonito's win. Everyone saw him win round 1, but if the decision to give Dexter the extra 2 minutes was sound then Raposo should have been allowed to finish the fight.

If the decision to give Dexter the 2 was not sound and the refs are just making shit up because they don't know what they are supposed to do then it basically is just further proof of what everone in Mass already knows.

My question is: was it a tko or a dq or just another ref fuck up?
maybe I should have posted this on the ref complaint thread. sorry.

oh ya, and congrats Mike Varner on dominating both ground and stand up on a tough and game opponent.

We're making Leigh an honorary Boneyard member. lit

Hey Lit, send that story to Kevin MacDonald. He's compiling a list of ref fuck-ups in Massachusetts.

Check out this thread:

Mike is right about Marks fight, they should have done something about it. I do think it was in Marks best interest for the fight to end... but the ref needs to abide by the guidelines they set.

Hey guys, just to let you know. The Thai fight was a unanimous decision. They called the fighters in by the wrong corners AND names. One of the judges was not able to figure this out in time. As far as Mark Raposo's fight, ref Gary was doing the same thing as what was done in the Mike Dexter fight. As time passed he happened to look over to the Commissioner who waved his arms and said call it over. I think Leo, the Commissioner, felt that, at the end of the round, Mark layed on the canvas and by not making it to his corner, he was done. From where I was sitting, I can understand both sides. I think it may have been different if Mark had at least sat up or kneeled, but that's just speculation. Gotta run now, I'll post more later about some of the other issues!