Matt Furey in bed with SCARS guys?

I didn't think even Furey was THIS pathetic but then I read what he himself said about it.For those who don't know, Tim Larkin is the SCARS head propagandist and their loudest mouthpiece. A simple Google search makes the matter clear enough. Larkin is basically Jerry Peterson's right-hand man.It's interesting that Furey--a self-proclaimed "no-BS" fitness trainer--has decided to throw his lot in with a bunch of pseudoscience-spouting over-glorfied San Soo instructors.

anyone that doesnt know that furey is a chode by now, hasn't been at this msg board for more then a day.


talk about going from bad to worse tothe WORST!!

Bud- on a point of information Tim Larkin promotes his own version of "reality combat" called TFT. He is not currently associated with SCARS and although he may have been at one time it is misleading and incorrect to describe him as Jerry Peterson's right hand man and SCARS chief propagandist. The merits of his system can be discussed as a separate issue of course.


The historical swordplay people at are another group also using Furey's material for the conditioning part of their program.

Although he has been discredited numerous times on this forum, there is sadly still a sizeable group of people around the internet who he has managed to dupe.

I went through the Navy SEAL Hand to Hand Instructor course back in '96 and they were just getting away from SCARS at that time (thankfully).

With some of the marketing techniques used to promote SCARS in the past, it's not surprising that Furey's jumped in the sack with them.

Anything to make a buck.


Scrapper- you can criticise Furey and you can criticise SCARS but you cannot criticise him for something that he has not done. Please read my previous post. Criticism may be justified and appropriate but let's all be careful with our facts.

Peter,Thanks for clarification on Larkin's current activities. It may seem that technically Furey isn't involved with any "SCARS guys," as such, but at the very least, he IS connected to someone who was a HUGE part of the SCARS organization at one point. Whatever Larkin's current project is right now, he got his start in this business by being Peterson's right hand man. I just did some Googling and it doesn't seem like there's any time that Larkin repudiated the nonsense he made his money with when he was working with Peterson. Until he does that (and makes sincere conciliatory efforts for his part in it), it is absolutely fair to hold him responsible for his role in the SCARS system. Ergo, it's not entirely unfair to call him a "SCARS guy." By extension those associating with him and/or endorsing his material can be fairly characterized as being "in bed with SCARS guys."Indeed, some of the material one finds on the web when looking into stuff about Larkin, Peterson, SCARS, and TFT seems to note the presence of identical techniques. It sounds like Larkin is really just choosing to strike out on his own just for business reasons rather than any substantive difference of opinion he has with Peterson.Of course, I'll admit I haven't seen Larkin's stuff (though I have seen SCARS junk before; indeed, I had a brief, rather unpleasant, correspondence with Larkin about five or six years ago).Peter, you know I respect you and value your contributions to this forum, but in this instance, I have to respectfully disagree with you.Buddhadev

Hey anyone notice how the "articles" section of Matt Furey's site seems to mostly contain ADVERTISEMENTS?

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Buddhadev, thanks a lot (NOT) for that visual... great, cue the nightmares...Furey in the sack with some scarfaced biker...jeez, show a little consideration

shoe :

"In fact, the flack began during filming when a woman involved with the sound equipment blurted out...

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I couldn't believe it."






Bud-as always a measured response from you. However I still think that your logic is flawed on this one.

You can criticise SCARS, you can criticise Larkin for the part he played in the SCARS organisation and you can criticise Furey but with respect you cannot
criticise Larkin for something that he is not.

TFT may or may not be similar to SCARS. I do not know.
What we do know however is that Larkin is not Peterson's right hand man and chief propagandist.

You can of course hold him responsible for his former position in the organisation ERGO it would not be unfair to call him a FORMER SCARS guy.

It may therefore be appropriate to criticise Furey for throwing his lot in with TFT or a former SCARS guy
but such does presume some knowledge of the similarity or differences between the two systems. I cannot assist with that but I think that any valid criticism has to speak to his current work not his former association with what is on your account a dubious system.

Peter:Perhaps you would be more comfortable with how I titled this thread if you saw the term "SCARS" as the name of a system rather than an organization? Additionally, the presence of a question mark certainly moderates the tone of my charge. The thread title's question could reasonably be answered "no," but at the very least that "no" should should be qualified by "but Furey IS in bed with someone of VERY questionable ethics." And honestly, I still don't think a "yes" answer is exactly a libel either.I'll concede your point on Larkin being Peterson's right-hand man and head propagandist. That was an outdated piece of information I gave. HOWEVER, he was BOTH of those things at one time and more importantly he's never publically distanced himself from any of that or repudiated Peterson and the SCARS system.Peter, it's probably not worth the time to quibble over the sliver of daylight between our opinions. Somehow, my guess is that you would be very unlikely to do business with either Furey OR Larkin. Am I wrong?BuddhadevPS I'll drop you an e-mail sometime. Do you still use the same address you did when we last corresponded?

LOL @ fish mocking someone for wanting more money ;)


Bud - by all means e mail me at the same address.

Bud-Sorry to come across as nit picking. I wasn't seeking to defend any of the people mentioned or their business practices but was more concerned to ensure that we adopt a more careful use of facts to avoid any justified criticism being undermined.

There is no difference of opinion. You were legitimately expressing your opinion about Furey/SCARS/TFT. I merely sought to correct a couple of factual inaccuracies.

You'll have to educate me about SCARS etc when you have time. I have next to no knowledge about precisely what is being peddled.

Take care.