Matt Hughes on CNN

I was just watching CNN this morning and they were posting the results of a Mens Journal Magazine story of the top 25 toughest men and sitting there in # 3 was Matt Hughes as an ultimate fighter . Kind of cool , might go buy it to check it out .

Who the hell was #1? Will Smith?

I think Bret Favre

brett fav-ray was #1

Brett Farve is # 1 . Go to and check it out

Favre as #1 over any MMA fighter, boxer, or thai boxer???? LOL.

So playing football when your dad dies makes you tough now days? Fuck I call the guy that sawed his fucking arm off with a pocket knife to save his life tough

Don't forget ingesting pain killers

throwing for 400 yards the day after your dad unexpectedly dies isn't tough?

matt hughes could beat the shit outta brett, but is he more mentally tough? thats what the list was about

he's a ping-pong ball repairman

Hughes over John McCAIN?! Fuck no.

"So playing football when your dad dies makes you tough now days? Fuck I call the guy that sawed his fucking arm off with a pocket knife to save his life tough"

since none of you seem to be football fans, ill fill you in on why bret was probably voted #1...he played his last few games with a broken thumb, and it was his throwing hand. That makes you pretty damn tuff in my book. I doubt matt hughes would fight if he had a broken thumb.

"the list is "tough" not who is the best fighter"

grumpy has connected in the endzone with the correct.

i don't think anyone understands the list.

"playing football for millions of dollars covered in pads is not tough. what a gay magazine. "


what a TARD statement ... so having 11 men ( at least 6 of them over 300 lbs) trying to KNOCK THE S@#$! outta u isnt tough n yet over n over play after play u continue to play isnt tuff?? Limbs n bones getting broken , pile ups, guys slamming u Playing n all kinds of weather, u have to mentally be tough and believe in your teammates , everything rides on u (good or bad).

Like I sad the guy who sawed his arm off to save his life is not only more mentally tough than Bret, but physically as well. Bret Favre isnt even the toughest NFL player thats Steve McNair

"Bret Favre isnt even the toughest NFL player thats Steve McNair"

i do agree with that. he didn't even get an honorable mention. that's bullshit!

mccain should be 1 or 2, i can't stand him but after the shit he did as a pow there is no denying he's one of the toughest men to ever live.

wixom you obviously are educated on how brutal football is easily the most violent sport in AMerica...yes more then MMA and Boxing....200+ lbs men running at full speed trying to knock each other's heads off....i played ball for 5 years and believe me...all the pads to is protect you from some still freakin hurts...i do MMA and come home hurting all the time...but nothing like how I felt after a football game

Favre shmavre.

I think a guy like Arturo Gatti is way more mentally and physically tough then Favre. Gatti absorbs wicked amounts of punishment and keeps on coming and doesn't give up. As long as he has an ounce of life left in him he will stilll be fighting you. The training that they have to go through is tough as hell too, not to mention having to fight in front of so many people. you can't hide behind teammates when it is just you out there. If you get ko'ed it was your fault not the guy that was supposed to block for you, and we all know how much fun it is to be knocked out in front of thousands of people.

What about Yuki Nakai! the guy has his friggin eyes gouged out and still fights guys who are bigger than him and has no quit in him at all!

And of course it can expand beyond the realm of fighting, but guys in that line of business show insane amounts of toughness.

How can Steve McNair be tougher than Favre when McNair has been injured numerous times (and played through some) but Favre plays the same position and has never missed a game?

And I'm a Bears fan.

"Pro Football is about 100x tougher than MMA."

You gotta be fucking kidding me.