Mayhem Clowns Dana In USA Today

"I talked with Dana White a few days ago. Here's what he said about you in particular: "Here's the thing with Mayhem Miller. He can (bleep) dance all he wants, but this is fighting. Mayhem should probably focus on his fighting and not his dancing."

(Laughs) We love Dana White. We think Dana White -- he's such a glorious and intelligent man. I think anyone in their right minds can see just how genius he is. He's brought the UFC from nothing to everything, and it was all his doing.

I can't tell how much of that you meant.


If Dana calls you after you beat Jake, are you going to listen?

Nah. I'm not interested. If I wanted to sell my soul, I'd be a Christian."

Classic Mayhem..

Mayhem does dance, to the beat of his own drum.

Not my favorite guy but he's certainly one of the few fighters who can say without lying that he doesn't need Dana White or the UFC. He's done very well for himself.

He would be doing well even if he wasn't "one of the guys GSP beat up in the UFC".

beetlejewse - classic dork with about 2 weeks left on his 15 minutes. shields will break him down quickly. should be funny. then he can go back to the small shows where he belongs.

In what aspect of the fight game is Shields going to be able to break Mayhem down?

Mayhems stand up is far superior to Shields. Shields might be better on the ground but not by a lot and he's not gonna sub Jason.

IMO Mayhem takes this fight via UD or late TKO.

Mayhem is still fighting?

"Mayhem is still fighting?"

Nice try. Seriously

He already gave his soul to the devil....

he such a clown, and he knows it.... he is doing what he can to get money (which he should).

must be hard to look himself in the mirror each day and wonder when people will finally have had enough of his lame act.

I have the strangest feeling he would sign with the UFC in a second if the money were comparable.

If I wanted to sell my soul, I'd be a Christian

Says the guy with a show on MTV? Oh, the ironing!

^LOL. Touche.

epwar - 
If I wanted to sell my soul, I'd be a Christian

Says the guy with a show on MTV? Oh, the ironing!

Mayhem is going to be beaten down by Shields. The fight won't even be competitive.


Being your own boss and controlling your career has its upside. Mayhem has done quite well financially without the UFC's involvement.

Bobby Lupo -  His BJJ is lightyears ahead of Jakes

Joe is that you?



Dana White won't call Mayhem unless he feels the UFC needs a tier of fighters who can't beat the guys who can't beat the guys who can't beat GSP or Silva.

YouAreNex - 
Bobby Lupo -  His BJJ is lightyears ahead of Jakes

You kno I love you like a brudda Bobby, but Jake is a Ceasar black belt and is a beast on the grown. Mayhem has slick ground game but I wouldnt go so far to say its light years ahead until you roll at Ceasars with Jake, Nick, Nate, Gil etc.

Sarcasm. Rogan made a comment during the Mayhem/GSP fight that Mayhem's BJJ was lightyears ahead of GSP.

I think mayhems antics get in the way of how good the guy is...

He lost to Jacare while avoiding being submitted, Jake's BJJ while great is not better then Jacares.

Mayhem's stand up is a lot better

Mayhem's only lost 3 fights in the last 5 years granted he could have faced better competition but the losses were Trigg, Jacare, and GSP.

He was only finished once in the 3 and it was by stomps to the dome by trigg.

He fight resume aint too shabby

People talk about Christians being the ones with the chip on their shoulders, but they ignore it when people make unprovoked attacks on Christians like Mayhem loves to do.

Easy target for him, so he goes for the cheap laugh. Weak.

Mayhem is well known because of his "personality", not because of his success in the sport of MMA.
No one talks about guys like Trevor Prangley, who's record is as good as Mayhem's.