Mayhem Miller Commercial!

Check it out - this is what happens when you wear Mayhem's gear:

Mayhem Commercial


Disco - no, it's a .wmv


That is hilarious.

TTT for my boy Miller

man the commercial dont work for me can some1 email it to my yahoo

Thats a cool shirt! Funny shit for sure!

Is it high quality like the Chack Xyience commercial?

Funniest thing I've ever seen.  Mayhem Rules!

lol Miller kind of looks likes the dude from Scream (Matthew Lillard).

heh..That was funny.


great vid very funny

killer ad. i want to be mayhem.


that was fantastic!!!!

that's a cool shirt.

shit, miller might as well have starred in that commercial

Nice to see Mayhem's time has finally come. I hope he enjoys it!

By the way, when does the secret Mayhem cult meet next?