McCall: No one gives a sh*t about the flyweights

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                                McCall: No one gives a sh*t about the flyweights

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                    <p>The flyweight division is the newest men&#39;s division in the UFC, and although it is more than a year old at this point, Ian McCall thinks a new champion is what&#39;s needed to really drive the popularity for the division:</p>

"I've come to the conclusion that, it's not racism, it's like small person-ism," McCall said of situation on Tuesday's edition of The MMA Hour. "No one really gives a s**t about us, and it's true. I mean, maybe it's Demetrious' fault for not being the marketable guy, even though he's an amazing athlete. Maybe it's my fault for not beating him up when I should've. Maybe people really just don't care about seeing small half-sized people fight. I don't know what it is, and it's frustrating, but at the same time, you just get over it, whatever, I go in there and do my job."

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Unfortunately true for most average fans.

Seems only hard core fa s care about the smaller weight classes in general Phone Post 3.0

I had about 12 people over for UFC 178. After cowboy vs Alvarez only 4 people stayed. I was shocked by how little they all cared. It sucks but I'll never miss a DJ fight or a creepy fight. Keep on truckin Ian. Phone Post 3.0

Fucking bullshit mr creepy.

Its because they are morans. I for one dont think I can recall a flyweight fight in the ufc I diddnt enjoy the hell out of.

Plenty of action, high paced and any of the top guys are welcome on cards I buy Phone Post 3.0

I care a lot. I love watching the flyweights fight, especially creepy Phone Post 3.0

"I don't mean to pick on him, but it does (fall on him)," McCall said. "The guy has the personality of my coffee mug. Actually, my coffee mug has more personality because it's a Joe Rogan coffee mug, so never mind.

LOL at this

I will watch creepy or benavides fight every single time. Mighty Mouse just doesn't move my needle I can't explain it. Phone Post 3.0

"The women get a lot more exposure than we do, and let's be honest, we're twice the fighters they are"

OH SHIT Creepy bringing the truth bomb and detonating that motherfucker!

That's not what Dana told me

I'm amazed by the Flyweights. I love watching Mighty Mouse, Joseph, McCall, Zach, the list goes on. I wish the FW's got more support. Ian has a good point. It's a shame more people don't respect the FW's. There a bunch of classy guys fighting in that division. I don't care that they're smaller.

Not really, good thing he's being honest with himself. Phone Post 3.0

Sadly, it seems like only the hardcore fans follow the flyweight fighters. Their loss, because the flyweight fights are pretty consistently great Phone Post 3.0

Found it quite funny on the JRE the other night when Schaub was making his usual underhanded comments about lighter weight fighters with McCall sitting right next to him.

Idk how anyone could watch a flyweight fight and not enjoy it. Phone Post 3.0

Props to the guy in the KNAC shirt.

The loudest and proudest station in the nation.

mighty mouse is the problem. I havent even watched his last 2-3 fights.

Meanwhile a guy like dodson i love watching

mr1709 - mighty mouse is the problem. I havent even watched his last 2-3 fights.

Meanwhile a guy like dodson i love watching

which is exactly why i am going to take his belt after this fight

"Mighty mouse is the problem! I don't even watch his fights!"
He's won 3/4 fights by stoppage, if anything he's the solution. Phone Post 3.0

Lots of good fighters at 125. Lineker, MM, Benavidez, Ian, Dodson, Moraga. I really enjoy them but they just don't draw. Phone Post 3.0

They need to do like WWE does. Get a tiny ref in there so the guys look huge. Seriously, put a 90lb ref in the ring, get em in a smaller cage, and call them MW's.