McCarthy plans to submit Bisping

McCarthy plans to submit Bisping - 4/16/2008
by John Buhl

"Captain Miserable no more, UFC middleweight Charles McCarthy tells John Buhl that he has renewed love and confidence for MMA competition thanks, in part, to the year and a half he's had to sit out with a knee injury. Saturday night he returns at UFC 83. "



Ive really got Bisping by TKO here, some time late in the 2nd, or early 3rd.


TTT for Chainsaw!


 Thanks for reading and posting guys!

 How awesome would it be if McCarthy can pull this off...  should be a great fight.

 "should be a great fight." 


would like to see McCarthy sub him.

Anyone know how his training camp went down? Was it at ATT?


Come on Sultan, it was in the article. You did read it didn't you? All the cool kids are ;-)


 Thanks Van!

 Missed ATT's post, thanks and best of luck this weekend!

 I couldn't bring my self to typing his screen name out. But thanks FBT for posting!

And I'm sure he will be happy to know that this story is currently the top feature in the Boxing/MMA section at!'s-ready-for-Bisping-at-UFC-83 

Props to John Buhl/GorillaShark


Don't back away now John. You've been pitching that title to me for every story you've written for the last year.

Apparently you went around me and convinced FoxSports to use it. Fine, I hope you are happy now.

 Go Chainsaw!!!!!!!!

Can't see Bisping losing this.

 Elias --

I wrote that question before I got a chance to read the article.  My apologies.

"McCarthy plans to submit Bisping"