McHargue MMA promo for download!

Especially for the guys in Hawaii to see.

I got it up on Kazaa, right now with unlimited sharing.  It is listed under Cam Promo and the actual video is VTS_07_1.VOB

It came directly from DVD, so I just copied everything that you need to get it to play and put it in the same folder.  You have to download the entire folder, which probably shouldn't be too long with my bandwidth.

I will leave my connection on (high speed), so as many people can download it as possible.



Don't go in and search for it as a video.

Just do a general search for "Cam Promo" and it will come up.



It is now in a Winzip file, so everything is together.

Should be "Cam" or Cam Promo


open up your download limits folks, I've found the file but it's giving me the old "more sources needed" song and dance.

Matthew: Cam has it for download other places so i cant imagine he would have issue with it being traded on kazaa.

***stirring the pot***

did Cam ask you to speak for him, Matthew? =^)

Since it was a promo on a circulated fight DVD, I figured that he was trying to get it out in the mainstream?


E-mail me at with Cam's e-mail addy and I will ask him, since nobody was able to download it yet anyway.

No harm done.

I e-mailed him, just a second ago.

UVR, how do I change my bandwidth settings?  I should aleady be set to maximum, as I shared Royce vs Yoshida and it went out at 850Kbps to the guy downloading.

You may be at your limit for who can download from you. Up the limit of simultaneous downloads in the options page.

I'm away from home right now, so I guess it's possible that I've dl'ed by now...

It is set to unlimited.

I don't see that anything has been downloaded though.


Has anyone dl'ed it yet?

No, but I am still online.

Not working.

No downloads for some reason!

It is 170 Megs

ok well if anyone wants to see them you can get them at:

low quality 7meg

high quality 10meg

I just see a bunch of text.

Edited for not working to link.

make the links and just right click and choose save as