Meisha main event?

Did I just hear that right......Tate and Nunes main event? Phone Post 3.0

Lol...if anything it should be the Frankie-Aldo fight Phone Post 3.0

Why did they change it Phone Post 3.0

Somewhere, Sunkist just orgasmed Phone Post 3.0

Yeah, that's nonsense. Phone Post 3.0

that's a mistake.

should be Brock. Arena gonna empty after Brock.

I bet that costs them a chunk of ppvs Phone Post 3.0

Yeah lol why did they switch that? That is what the 4th main event for 200? Phone Post 3.0

That is ridiculous. It makes zero sense. That is now their 3rd main event in 24 hours. Phone Post 3.0

lol what a horrible decision...should be aldo vs edgar.

Who cares?? Just watch the ppv and be happy Phone Post 3.0

Will all due respect to the ladies, it's the least compelling fight on the main card. Phone Post 3.0

Please, God, noooooooo.

That would force Brock to fight five rounds. I bet he was the one who said no. Don't blame him. Phone Post 3.0

Brock vs Hunt is only 3 rounds. Maybe that's why. Phone Post 3.0

So confused. They switched all the ads and banners. Wtf. Is the Hunt-Lesnar fight off? Phone Post 3.0

Unless this fight is now topless.....this is a horrible mistake Phone Post 3.0

From a name standpoint only hardcore fans know Nunes. I wonder if the WWE balked at Brock being in the main event spot if it wasn't agreed upon before. Phone Post 3.0

OriginalTUFer -

Maybe if they made the DC fight non-title, but isn't it still for the belt? If so, makes zero sense.

It's non title Phone Post 3.0

At least I can leave early and avoid the rush.