Melb NHB results thread...

Interesting card. Someone please post results and descriptions here.

The show is on 2morrow, u knw LEMon.. :)

I know, just getting prepared :)



for the poor people who cant make it down.....

Pika u there for the seminar? I'll be there for that

stuck in newcastle all weekend :(

Have the fights started yet???
Doesn't any one take their bluetooth enabled lap top to the fights any more and post results as they happen!!!? com'on

Good to see. TTT

best of luck to every one fighting especially jamie ballard and andrew devitt!

pang by arm lock?? R2

LIMA by arm bar round 1 about 2 mins

VELURI by Choke R2 ??

From all accounts LIMA took Jamie down, side North south arm bar. Daniel said he was relived to win as the pressure was immense.


perosh is copping a flogging....... battery just went flat :(


Are this results formal??

All I got 2 say is good shit Daniel. He's definately at another level.

Also good work Sam. Can't wait to see the fight, I had a feeling that one would go the distance.

Also heard Petridis and Grubb got up in their fights for anybody interested.

ttt for details!!!

I also heard Soa did his typical thing.
Take down, mount, punch in head till ref stops it. Probably threw in a wave to the crowd for good measure also.

Jeez, Perosh looks like a skeletal dried husk in the weigh in / face off photos.90kg might be cutting a bit too much.

Big congrats to Trav and Soa - how did Travers' fight go?

well well well.

What type of flogging... (passion of the christ style or eric banner VS brad pitt in Troy style)

congrats to Sam, and the other winners...

***hummmmm shocked*****

it was a great night of action with some nice match ups. sam took himself to a new limit tonight which i have never seen and anthony toughed it out and has a huge ticker. i don't know if that weight sits well on him, but that is only my opion. steve fought well against adrian and i enjoyed andrew d's fight as well. soa just seems to be getting better and better and props to john and joe for putting on such a good show.
well done to all fighters!

p.s. the one boxing match was one of the better boxing fights i have seen live.