Memorial and Life Celebration of Islam Makhachev October 22,2022

Just do us all a favor and don’t create a thread telling us how good UFC 280 will be. :joy:


What would be epic, the khabibs comeback and a fight with oliveira in viva de brazil :laughing:

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Yes! Jack is crying in a basement somewhere right now clinging on to his shrine of Islam

Sounds like you’re projecting and nervous.

They will sticky this thread as the biggest thread backfire of all time, and you’re the OP

You took the bait and were lead into a trap

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How fucking high are you all the time to believe half the shit you say, I’m extremely worried about you come the night of October 22nd. After Charles submits Islam your going to eat some crow. Someone sticky this thread, cause Jack needs a reminder and a countdown of the massacre in Abu Dhabi


My favourite Jack line was how if Makhachev wins, KHABIB moves up the GOAT ladder. But if Charles wins, nothing happens because there’s no way anyone could possibly overcome having 8 losses on their record.


How is this not true?

Islam is just Walmart Khabib, if Walmart Khabib walks through your boy, it just makes Khabib even more godly.

I think its funny that he is acting like Nostradumbass picking a -200 to win lol

Getting on someone for their join date, when you yourself were 10 years late to the party, is fucking hilarious. Pre-10s you say, could that have anything to do with your 2009 date?

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You all khabib haters are much like Trump haters. They get so stuck in your delusional head that you become fixated on them. Khabibs retired, I think he has more than proven that he is not coming back. Calling out a retired fighter just makes you look desperate for attention. Attention without any risk at all. And contrary to your ridiculous claim, nobody ever came close to beating Khabib, he took just about no damage in all of his fights combined. Charles has had his ass handed to him more than once.

I don’t do screen name bets, but if you want to bet for real $…name your amount and I’ll take it.

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Waiting for @lordleone to make excuses and bitch out

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No bitching out here jack, I’ll honor my word but it’s you who will completely disappear from the forum and start a new alt account. We all know WHEN Charles submits Islam your going to be on suicide watch. I’ve got the perfect SN lined up

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Our bets on, that was never up for debate, but someone just asked to bet you money.

Are you going to ignore him? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’ll $20 on Charles and can do it via Cash app. Let’s do it! Go watch the Gleison Tibau fight, Khabib arguably could of lost that fight

Just PM me Cash App info and Vice Versa

@JackMerridew will Khabib run scared when this happens? Likely.


So I guess we’re not taking the bet since I’ve been ghosted and never got a PM from you or that other guy. Either way, war Charles

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Almost two months until the hype ends