Michigan check in

Post the name and location of the school you train at and what you train.

Ukiyo Martial Arts
Warren, MI

BJJ/Submission Grappling

Southside Dojo-Portage Mi

Kickboxing with one cage fighter and many of the people who train in that class also were in their BJJ class that fell apart, so they will roll with you.

Judo, one of the top competitive schools in the state.

Toyoda Center-Grand Rapids, MI

BJJ mainly Gi with no gi on sun eventually turning into MMA style.

Team Caique BJJ Holly/Walled lake.Currently training in BJJ,Muay Thai,Judo,and Vale Tudo.

Shaolin Kung Fu, Dim Mak, Juko Kai.

Master Jimmy's Kung Fu and Burger Emporium.

Don, where you doing judo at now?

Yuki, Nice, you dont train to bum :0P



Is Joe V still training over there? I know Ron and his wife, Jamie--also some others.

I haven't seen those guys in a while, been a long layoff.

Focus JJ Ann Arbor MI


Ronin Fight Team in Sterling Heights. Mainly training in Sanda and now starting up in again MMA.


I practice with my students and with guys like Harper and Brandon at WW.Harper has good tachiwaza he learned alot from me and Garcia.

Matt Fuerst
Muay Thai under Matee Jedeepitak
Warrior Way - Walled Lake, MI

Only been at it ~4 months but it's great. I put it off way too long.

Congrats to DR1 for getting his Brown Belt this weekend! Can you taste it?

Atomic-- Joe is still there.

We also have 2 cage fighters there, haha.

Taste what my blackbelt?I don't know about that I'm having difficulty comprehending the fact that I'm now a brown belt :)


Congrats on the new rank. Im going to try and start getting back out to WW again to start back up my kicboxing and what not. I want to start training with the MASH guys on my days off too but those days only come once in a while. I also want to come up on Sundays and train in Harpers class but you guys train early in the morning right? I dont get off work till 7am. Im going to try and get up there on Sundays though. I may be usless cause I will be s tired, but at least I will be on the mats.

Oh yeah! My quad is finally fixed! When we going riding!!!??? Im taking it tomorrow for a test ride here by my house and then this weekend Im taking it for a day to Mesick to ride. But as of now, its ready to roll ...... and jump ;0)

Upper Michigan BJJ

Thanks for the congrats.

Marie email me and let me know when you want to go riding if you have a spot to go I'm ready when you are.I think they train at 2:00pm on sunday I'm not sure though.I haven't been there on sunday in a while.


Nice! Who are the cage fighters? I might know who they are?

Matt Shaw and Aaron Miller.... Although Aaron has only fought a couple times, and I don't know if he really has plans to do so again.

Saginaw BJJ