Miguel Torres vs. Jeff Bedard 9/5

WOW! I heard this match up and im deffinatly not missing this one. I
heard rumor to this fight in chicago but it never happened. Great match
up WEC. Torres finished French very easy and Bedard took him to a
decision. I DONT think that matters but i have no other clue on how this
fight will go down.

hmm it is rumored on wec 30 on mmaweekly.com. To Happen 9/5 on the
verses network. If it dont happen i will be upset. Awsome match up and
could be fight of the year in the wec. Sorry if ive jumped the gun but im
very interested in this fight.

Yes it is confirmed, Jeff was just offered the fight night before last. He is in good shape already for a fight later in september

woohoo good luck to both guys show the world what 135 lbs can do!

should be a great fight. I'll go with Torres.


Great matchup.

what is Bedard's fighting style, or his strenghts?


Damn Yankee is good people, I love training at Pauls by the way, thanks for hooking me up with them

TTT for Little Popeye

however its a different story about this NCAA92 bamboozler :)

I trained with Jeff last night. He's ready, very confident. Been training with the best jiu-jitsu guys around so I don't think Torres's BJJ is going to be a surprise, even though he is a great opponent.

He is still planning on fighting on the 28th.

thanks for the info

I remember the name but haven't been exposed to the lighter fighters in most cases

Bedard wins!

Torres will dominate Bedard. He's going to submit him fairly easy. Torres is going to show the entire world exactly what he's made of. Chase Beebe better enjoy his title reign, because it's only a matter of months before Miguel takes the title from him. Torres is going to DOMINATE the WEC

bedard is going to smash torres. be sure and take a pic of torres face after the fight its not going to be pretty

Saw Diego yesterday because he was also training with Jeff. Diego seems to think that Jeff wins this one. Diego beat Torres in a grappling tournament so he knows exactly how good his BJJ is.

I don't think we have been introduced............Back in 92.......................:) Telfo is pissed cause he got duped hook line and sinker. Scout is correct. I dont think there is anything as far as submissions Jeff hasn't seen. But I'm sure Torres has never fought a wrestler of Bedard's expertise and strength.

Miguel has good standup too.