Miguel Torres vs. Jeff Bedard 9/5

miquel wins this on easy! go torres

Yeah, everyone says that Torres has great standup. Should be interesting, but to say either party wins this one easy is idiotic.

Scout where are you??

torres has great stand up and great ground but what he has on most fighters his weight is size. He's a lanky dude. He doesn't mind getting taken down because he can hip out and stay away from punches within his guard.

that being said, i'm not familiar with Bedard so I'm not sure who wins.

Torres is the best 135lb fighter out there. - Spencer

just checked him out and saw that Bedard is 6'4? if so that pretty much takes away Torres' size advantage.

oh o.k. mfs chick

LOL @ Bedard being 6'4".

'92, at home. Had business meeting tonight. Gonna train with Merrill tomorrow.

Jeff cuts half his bodyweight, he is THAT good


Torres stand up has improved a great deal over the past couple of years. He's one of the most well rounded 135ers out there. Granted, Bedard does train with world class grapplers, but Miguel is so slick that he will find a way to submit Bedard. Torres is one of the most intelligent fighters out there. He thinks 4 or 5 steps ahead of anyone. Ask some of his opponents. Plus, his striking from the guard is unbelievable. He easily broke BJJ blackbelt Richard Nancoo's nose easily within 1 round and beat him senseless. Torres will prove all of his doubters wrong when he makes Bedard tap.

We will see in a week and a half. I think it will be a great fight, don't think you'll see a submission.

TTT for Bedard

I can't imagine how anyone can say "wins this easily" at this level...for either fighter. The matchmakers at the WEC are not in the business of making huge mistmatches.

I am happy for both of these guys each getting to fight a quality, world class opponent. I also hope it gets chosen for one of the garunteed live televised fights.

With that said, I'll be pulling for Lil Popeye. What the hell, Jeff by submission. :)

Wow, I was just talking the other day about this matchup at my school. Ironic that this is happening now.

Bedard by dec

Lets also not forget Rani is dropping to that weight class now...

I think he will be tough to beat.

Torres tapped Mike French with a triangle french tried everything to get
out of it Torres rolled him from mount to his back and beat him the whole
time. I saw this with my own eyes live.

Bedard beat French in the WEC by decision in his last fight. Granted
French is a tough fighter but Torres made short work of him when they
fought. Torres can tap anyone at 135 in my opinoin.

Jeff is a awsome wrestler with great strikes from the top. This will be a
awsome fight. I can see him getting things to go his way as well. This is
why i cant wait for this fight.

PROPS to the WEC on making this fight for the fans

Also since im reading what everone else wrote id like to add that torres
walks around at about 140 with a full meal in him so to say Diego beat
him grappling is not much due to the 20 lb or more size differnce.

Also Spence this event where he tapped French was the show you KO
Matamoros that was the first KO i saw live. Thanks

I was at the Bedard vs. French fight, the decision wasn't close. Jeff had several strong submission attempts but for whatever reason didn't finish. He owned French.

Other common opponent is Dan Swift. Torres won the decision, Jeff finished him in the 2nd round.

Either way you look at it, great fight.