Military get in for $5 @ AFC 8.

To all military members with valid ID.It will be a first come first serve basis. This weekend is the McDonald's Air and Sea Show in Fort Lauderdale, which is the largest in the nation. So to give a hand to "THE BOYS and GIRLS" we are letting you in for just $5.This are some of the confirmed fights, but we all know Card Subject To Change: COMPLETE LINEUP (Subject To Change): 2 RDs / 185 LBS: Todd Cutler (Freelance, Ft Lauderdale, FL) v. Crafton Wallace (Freelance, Ft. Myers, FL) 2 RDs / 155 LBS: Brian Medlin (Strasser's Academy, Kenosha, WI) v. Scott Johnson (Freelance, Ft Lauderdale, FL) 2 RDs / 155 LBS: Edson Berto (Tigers World,Winter Haven, Fl) v. TBD 2 RDs / 135 LBS: Buck Bisbey (Pearson Systems, Seattle, WA) v. Pablo Guerrero (Freelance, Natal, Brazil) 2 RDs / 155 LBS: Raphael Dias (BTT/ATT, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) v. Brian Geraghty (Strasser's Academy, Kenosha, WI) 2 RDs / 145 LBS: Renato Tavares (American TOP TEAM, Ft Lauderdale, FL) v. David Love (Animal House, Kokomo, IN) 2 RDs / 155 LBS: Jorge Masvidal (Freestyle Fighting Academy, Ft Lauderdale, FL) v. Justin Wisniewski (Duneland Vale Tudo, Portage, IN) 2 RDs / 185 LBS: Marcel Ferreira (American TOP TEAM, Ft Lauderdale, FL) v. Nick Thompson (Strasser's Academy, Kenosha, WI) 2 RDs / 155 LBS: Pedro Brandao (Gracie Barra, TN.) v. Marcos Avellan (Freestyle Fighting Academy, Ft Lauderdale, FL) 3 RDs / 185 LBS: Edson Diniz (American TOP TEAM, Ft Lauderdale, FL) v. Darrell Smith (Animal House, Kokomo, IN) 3 RDS of 5 Minutes / 205 LB Vacant Title: Antony Rea (Freelance, Toulouse, France) v. Jason Macdonald (MFC Team, Redknife, Canada)

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thats awesome bro! id go but im across the country, hope your show go's well

This is the best way to pay tribute to those who serve in the military!!!

WOW!! Thats great............. Thank you Carlao!!



Awesome way to help out the defenders of our nation!

ttt for Dan and the boys

cool idea. Carlao you were in the marines right?

Yes! Semper Fi.

come to CA sometime, ATT vs some of the OC boys would make a great show

I'm in the military, I'd love to fight on one of your shows by the way. best of luck to everyone.

carlao, que buena onda bro.

ttt for AFC. Deffinately one of the best small shows in the USA.


Nat'l Guard 2?

I am working on a p[ress release here -


Cool, how much will it cost for a civilian? I would love to see it.


My ID has expired and my new unit, down here in Miami, hasn't sent me to get a new one yet. If I bring a copy of my orders (instead of an ID), can I still get in on this?

Go J Mac!