Mirko Cro Cop signed Pride FC gloves for sale

Crazy shit to see… specially the pricing but damn it’s cool.

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15,000.00? They are sweet. But you’d have to be retarded to pay more than 1,500.00 lol.

Seller does have a point

Now, for the price. Why would I ask such a premium for these gloves?

Well, I see these ridiculous prices for Conor McGregor UFC trading cards and digital NFTs selling for 10k and I think surely if that junk is worth 10k then so are these gloves. I mean who would actually prefer to own that stuff over these gloves. Surely not any serious collector.

So, if you’re the type of person that would waste money on that garbage then buy these gloves and have something worthwhile to show for your money.


You can find like Cro Cop and Royce Gracie authenticated autographed gloves for under 100 dollars pretty easily.

Seller has tons of other awesome shit. PRIDE posters (some signed), autographed shorts, more gloves. Pretty amazing collection he’s selling but the Cro Cop gloves are the coolest piece.

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I get the price if they are fight worn gloves but they aren’t. You can get much cheaper Cro Cop autographs if that’s what you’re trying to get. His auto isn’t selling for 15k just because it’s on a new pair of gloves.



These are UFC items that have actually sold instead of their listed prices. Also if you bought one of those O Malleys and are on here then FUCKING LOL


I’ll buy two sets at that price!

I like the cut of his jib.


I think these guys are pretty much just showing off their collections and Mark them at absurd prices just to see if someone will get drunk or impulsive and buy it on a whim for a pricey
Collector/seller can’t refuse.


Someone ought to invite him over here.


He wants $1,500 for the Rizin 20/Bellator SBC poster, lol.

Oh yeah, just want I want, money tied up in RIZIN and Bellator memorabilia… said no one ever.

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Does have some nice items with better prices though.

Going to now.


Coleman was selling his Pride gloves for $40,000.

People are chasing very specific things, hence the crazy prices for trading cards and NFTs. However, actual autographed items go for almost nothing. I got a pair of Randy Couture autographed gloves for like $40 shipped, Jon Jones autographed gloves regularly sell for $70-100 etc.

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What kind of gloves? ^^^

$40.00 for a pair is dirt cheap.

Those are fight worn though from a big PRIDE fight. The crocop gloves are just signed gloves, not fight worn.

I stand very corrected.He was selling two pairs.

Premier was the brand…oftentimes I see autographed gear sell for less than the gear itself sold for. For example, last week a guy was selling a reebok hoodie with a Masvidal signature on it, and dude said Masvidal did it at a press event, so there was no proof it was legit…but you could easily pay the $20 for authentication. Anyway, guy spent like $120 on the official UFC reebok hoodie, and the auction started at $40 and had zero bids when I saw it with like an hour left.

I felt bad for the dude, because if someone bid on it, and it sold for anything less than $140, dude would lose $ on it when factoring in shipping. I’ve seen NFL autographed jerseys sells for less than $50, autographed footballs sell for less than $25 etc.