Mirko CroCop to return 'For Sure' in Feb. 2011


much love for cc, but please stop fighting and relax. he's more than earned it.

^^^Agreed. He should just retire now.

oh god, i'll always root for cro cop, and he's top 5 of my favourite fighters. but he needs to retire or do something different, he seems gun shy as hell.

mcpeepants232003 - who the hell is he going to face and on what card? Both Ufc cards seem to be pretty much filled. Maybe Hunt vs Crocop on Ufc 127?

I wouldn't mind seeing Crocop fight a few more times but only against legends and strikers. I'd still like to see Crocop vs Nog 2 on the the card in Rio.

I was going to say another return is pointless but....I like this.

Hunt vs CroCop 2 could be a good fun match.

Cant wait to see him fight again. If he still wants to keep at it, I am 100% behind him.

This is so sad. Cro cop please stop this Phone Post

Cro cop vs hunt would be awesome. Cro cop can win then retire. Phone Post

PrideGP is The GAME - The ONLY way to spark interest in this guys career would be for him to drop to 205.

that doesn't even sound possible with somebody his size

How about an Eddie Sanchez rematch? Or dos Caras, Jr.? Phone Post

 Always a fan, if he does come back I hope he gets a LHK KO.

he weighs around 220 most fights, wouldnt be an easy cut, but im sure he could do it. Only fight id be willing to see him in is against Big Nog to be honest

Mirko vs. Big Sexy.

Book it. Phone Post

 he's still young enough to turn it around and get back in the win column

frontrowbrian - Sad part is UFC has no choice but to promote him prominently on PPV cards. They are paying him 7 figures per fight. You can't put a salary like that on a free show.

Cro Cop/Mir was so bad... it left me asking myself "Why the fuck do you watch this shit?"

As Sports Illustrated told Michael Jordan about his baseball career, Cro Cop "Just bag it"

 WOW, CroCop is getting 7 figures per fight??

 I really hope CroCop can turn things around but at this point, I honestly think that that is just wishful thinking on my part.  He always says that he's ready and he's fixed everything before going into a fight but he always ends up looking horrible.  The only exception would be perhaps the Barry fight where we saw glimpses of the old CropCop (axe kick was beautiful).  That Gonzaga fight really did a number on him IMO


Carl Weathers - Prepare yourself Mustapha Al-Turk

Crocop is coming back to finish the job.

Sleep with your one remaining eye open



McCorkle vs CroCop - Make it happen Joe Silva!

Sweet! No way CroCop can go out like that. I don't see him winning any really big fights, but he's a good gatekeeper at this point.