MMA Clothing Review- Hitman!

I took advantage of hitman Dan's holiday deal (buy shorts and get a free tshirt and trucker hat!)- I ordered some cammo grappling shorts, as I was waiting for them to come out.

Dan called me personally to verify my order and i got the stuff in 3 days! bad ass!!

I will post after I beat them up but they seem unique (closing system) and tough as shit.

awesome service and the shorts, shirt and hat are bad as!~


ttt today is test drive 1

cool..just you know how long the sale is running?

cool..just you know how long the sale is running?

check out the website... all the details will be there if the sale is still on. 

thanks jet

they were though.....carriued me throug like 7 5 minute battles for my life.....

the best part was, no one saw the triangles coming at all because my mid-section was completely camoflouged.

i dont know why they dont just make a cammo body suit or ninja suit so people can just go in the cage and beat the crap out of people....

anyway, the shorts run loose, I could wear 34's no problem...other than that, they be tough!!!

I`m still waiting for mine,but I took advantage of the offer also.It`s only been two days,but I can wait.I got the black & white camo`s.

Fletch what size shirt did they send? or did you tell them what size to send?





I got the B and W camos already!! HAHA

Just wondering if dan the man is going to ship to canada for a canadian like myself.


A stripper/ring girl gave me a hitman shirt a long time ago at an IFC and I have been a fan ever since.

hey dan where are my shorts?

the shirt and trucker hat are bad ass, just indicate what size in your order.....

hey fletch...the shirts run small or big?

normal to big

damn i already trained once in them. maybe ill order another pair of 34's......... they are bad ass though. I posed in the mirror making vanderlei faces and shit all sweaty for like 5 minutes after training....

I digress.....


seriously, ...where are my shorts? i ordered them 2nd day air last week for my fight this friday and i still dont have them, if they dont come by noon tomorrow its a waste, whats up?

What's up Hitman?

So you gonna make me a little camo skirt?  a pink one perhaps?