MMA coach gets brutally beaten by gang in front of a bar

Mickey Kelly would yoke every single one of them. His buddy Taco saw him take out 5 of them, and he never threw a punch…

I would add to the discussion, a bit of boxing training as cogneeto said, combined with a tool, such as a punch dagger, could take a guy with “good hands” from taking out 2-3 guys to 5-7. Since it’s basically just brass knuckles with a huge blade at the end. *Not legal in England

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I am disappoint. I made it all the way to the end of the thread and not one mention of the pretty decent looking cousin. Og letting me down. Oh I see - it was the Ug. Ug leting me down.

At what time was he in the video?

Fuck, I better watch it again. Did he look hung and thick, solid, tight?

Bout tree fiddy

Yeah pull out a knife while fighting a gang, that’s a good way to either get shot or get stabbed to death by your own knife.

Obviously OP is trolling, but the only thing that could have been done is not being at a trash bar and getting involved in a gang fight at 3 AM.

I mean even if he were an expert boxer and knocks one or two out, that’s when the rest of the gang pulls a knife or gun and then you’re dead.


Should have just laid down and asked them not to hurt him, right babe?

Should have not gotten involved, go fight a gang at your own risk, if it’s 3 guys and you have rock solid confidence in your hands, have fun.

If it’s two groups of 4-5 gang members, so 8-10 total men, only watched the video once, didn’t count, and you jump in, you’re a fucking retard.


I love how people think there should be some instant solution to fighting multiple attackers. Sometimes you’re just fucked. Also, if multiple people want to beat you up, you probably deserve it.


From brand new purp to black in a year huh? Seems legit…

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Guy thought he was going to sign up some new members

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Id hate to be those guys meeting me in an alley bro you dont understand my mentality chief I see red and bodies just start dropping bro I have to register at the Sheriff’s office in any county I go to man I was gonna be a Navy Seal but they said my skills were too lethal and plus I cant swim


Hahaha, don’t know why but this really got me

If anyone’s in this conversation and is seriously on the fence about what works against multiple attackers, if “this” or “that” is better I’d say go train. Train anything and you’ll quickly realize what 98% of us who train realize… you’re not special. That’s why it’s called special because it’s the RARE exception in any style that could handle even two attackers. It’s fun to play fantasy games in our minds but get a live body that is actively defending and attacking and you’ll quickly realize it’s true. This coach in this video is very likely one of the special talents, certainly good enough to teach MMA and it’s an industry that sniffs out frauds pretty quickly and you see where he’s at after the crowd got him. The best defense is situational awareness, preparedness and superior reasoning skills. Be safe out there and God bless all of us.


no shit. get your wheels going and haul ass.

that is what I thought watching the clip. Use football FU run the fuck over one of them punching and churn your feet. getting under is a car is something that has worked too.

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ALL martial arts are ‘useless’ in certain situations.


That’s why it’s best to combine them.

bjj is on lethal in ibjjf, flograppling and ebi. also stop calling it a fight

What if there’s leg reaping??