MMA companies - The good list

We should create a list of the companies that always come through 100% on orders and quality:

From my experience:

This list is in no particular order, just off the top of my head.

There are too many shady characters in MMA, IMO. The good thing is that word spreads fast when service is bad, the bad thing is that not everyone listens.

full contact fighter &

**Spelling (again)


Pain Inc.,,,, have all been awesome in my experience.

lol @ Andre's attempt to get something sent to him


The Straight Blast Gym #10
Mark Hatmaker ESP #10
Erik Paulson's CSW, a big fat #0

The following are those from whom I've received consistent excellent service:


There are others including,, etc. from whom I've received excellent service but from whom I've only ordered once. I've placed second orders recently with and, so hopefully those will be repeatable as well soon!

Great thread!

cut throat, cut throat, cut throat

I got some cool Lion's Den Gear at

"Anyone who buys anything based on the reccomendation of a rednamer is out of their minds, given the Kimbo/Gannon fiasco."

Yeah.. but Andre is another story .. he is a stand up dude

Have all delivered the goods for me. I don't consider Amazon and stuff in that list...

Thanks, SD.

thank you for the kind words, I always throw in extras with every order.


Also, let us not forget about Tap Out, I believe that everyone on this board has ordered from them at least once.

I have been purchasing through for many many years now


Where can I get some BTT gear?

At RAZE we pride ourselves on consistently having some of the fastest turnaround times to get you your gear ASAP!!!
Nobody likes to wait for their stuff when they order over the net so we process and ship all orders either on the same or at the latest, the very next business day from when they are received.

We know that customer service is vitally important to building repeat clientelle and we know that word travels (especially if the customer service is poor) so we do everything we can to accomodate our customers and to show our appreciation for their business.

Check us out... :)