MMA Strength and conditioning...

I saw a flyer on the street today for an "MMA strength and
conditioning" seminar, of course done by a guy ive never heard of who
probably isnt a fighter. My question is WTF is MMA conditioning and
strength? Do people actually spend money on these things thinking
that they are training just like MMA champions? Has anyone ever been
to something like this?

It could be anything.

Who was it?

Just b/c the guy "probably isnt a fighter" doesn't necessarily mean that he doesn't know his stuff about S&C training.

I'm probably not a fighter, but i still know a couple things.

On second thought, its not my seminar, so i'd advise saving your money until im in your neighborhood ;)


looks for pennies in couch

You do not need to be a fighter to be a good strength and conditioning coach for fighters.

There are many examples where the coach never played the sport but was lead his/her team to victory.

You tell him JC!

TAKU<---Not a fighter

Its not a question of credentials, its more a question of whether or not
"MMA strength and conditioning" is simply a marketing gimmick. Can
you not go to most qualified personal trainers and say heres my goal
and get a workout for much less than a $100 workshop?

No you can not. Most personal trainers outright suck. You can get "certified" online and most personal trainers know nothing except bodybuilding methods.

That's fine if you want to change your body comp but performance enhancement is a different animal.

I don't know the guy running the seminar, he may be unqualified but usually at seminars you don't get a "work out" you learn about methodology or a training philosophy.

Yes Taku as the ones close to you know you are lover not a fighter, but you have a pretty good knowlege of the game as well as hands on experience. Which in my opinion is almost as important as all the letters like to put behind their names.

I gotta agree with Jason on this one - most "trainers" do suck. I've seen PLENTY of "certified" trainers that didn't know a barbell from a lawn chair.

Besides, "MMA Strength and Conditioning" isn't a gimmick. It's taking basic (or advanced) principles of S&C training and applying them to the sport of MMA - figuring out exactly which qualities are necessary for the sport of MMA (e.g. - you wouldn't train a marathon runner the same way you would a MMAist) and not only how to apply/train for them, but how to integrate them with all the skill training that MMA requires. And then there's the ability to modify as per the individual. For example, you're could design a program for a pro MMAist who trains full time much differently than you could a guy who trains MMA on the side, is married with a couple kids, and works a full-time job.

Using your logic, a guy should never coach in the NFL unless he's actually played in the NFL. And even then, you could go to a defensive backs coach, and ask him to implement the West Coast Offense.

It's all in the same realm, but still totally different....