MMA The most brainwashed, pointless, violent sport

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MMA: The most brainwashed, pointless, violent sport ever
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Date: 2008-09-28, 7:39PM EDT

I should know, I took karate, tae kwon do, judo, BJJ and grappling for years and was a purple belt and instructor. Its human cockfighting, and needs to be banned. Why?

1. Theres a million ways to enhance your athleticism, endurance, hand/eye coordination, balance WITHOUT having to hit another human being. Try gymnastics...or the triathlon. One sport that DOES teach hand/eye coordination, balance, respect, discipline, etc… fencing. I take it now, and I gotta say its helping big time, a lot more than mma ever taught me. And its harmless, safe, fun, and I don’t end up with bruises or blood spilt. And no, MMA doesnt improve conditioning either, especially not when you're on the floor bleeding and unconscious...try taking a strength and conditioning program instead. Being hit in the head often isnt gonna improve your health. Just think of the long-term effects. Theres a reason why most medical associations dont approve of mma.

2. "Martial Arts" means 'arts of "war"', or warrior. Since when is "war" a good thing? What do people do in war? They "fight". Yet these mma guys try to brainwash you into thinking its not about fighting.

3. The same people who developed martial arts, are the same people who taught their followers to kill, fight, and think that its glorious. Kind of like the people in The Last Samurai. (thats a movie).

4. Those instructors try to brainwash people into thinking its perfectly okay to break someones arm, knee them in the liver, kick them in the head, choke someone when its not. They also brainwash them to think that fighting is human nature when its not, and that the key to life is fighting when its not...and that you'll need to know BJJ and all those worthless "arts" for your everyday life. Im in my 20s and ive never needed to use that stuff, ever. You dont need to be smart to know this. All those people are bloodthirsty people who want to turn this world into one big death match. If its not about fighting, then why are you taught to punch hard? You can easily test your balance and coordination by just lightly hitting the other person. MMA is slowly recruiting many more females, because they brainwash them to think they need to know it to fend off someone sexually assaulting them. My sister was sexually assaulted twice, and both times she fought off the kicking him in the groin.

5. ...What is the point of kicking someone in the head? Choking them out? Breaking their bones? Knocking them out? And how is that possibly GOOD and SAFE for the body? They call it "fighting", and call them "fighters" for a reason

6. If it REALLY taught you self-control, discipline, wouldnt be hitting people, would you? Fact is, young people (which are the only people who watch and do that stuff) are not capable of learning discipline. Seriously, look around. Young people get more and more violent and cruel everyday...the military cant even discipline them. Yes its a fast growing sport that lots of people like, but 90% of the people who do and watch it are under 35, and young people like violence, blood, gore. Thats the kind of entertainment they love. So its no wonder its "fast growing". Plus, young people these days are easily influenced and peer-pressured.

7. If it really was a beloved, amazing would be shown all over national TV (4, 5, 7, 9), and there wouldnt be so much controversy about it. Instead, over 40 states banned it on national TV, hence why its shown only on Spike and other stations. Secondly, the heads of stations like ABC, NBC, FOX, etc...refuse to let it air on their station. Judo and Taekwondo are on the verge of being taken out of the olympics. I wonder why...and if it was so amazing, the news would show replays of it during their "Sports in a minute", and sports updates. I was watching a martial arts show once on Comcast OnDemand, and an instructor being interviewed said, "martial arts is about combat and taking someone down"...exactly. Even this guy knows it. I asked a few other friends who take MMA, and ask why they enjoy it, and their response was “I get to kick people’s asses”. Yea, sounds to me like its NOT about fighting…

8. In the olympics, a taekwondo fighter kicked the referee after being disqualified. Yes, that shows excellent self-control and discipline. And if you watch the UFC and Pride, its obvious those guys have no discipline. These mma guys always say "i love to fight", not "i love to show discipline and self-control". It doesnt take a PhD, or a mensa member to see what two people are doing in the ring. Theyre fighting. If its not about fighting, and really is about coordination and balance, then why is it that when one "fighter" is knocked to the floor and hes out, the other "fighter" keeps hitting him? Why are there knockouts if its not about fighting? If its not about fighting, why do they compete? Sports have an objective; football is to get the ball in the endzone, soccer is about scoring in the goalnet, same with hockey, and tennis is to get the most points hitting the whats the objective of mma? How do you compete "endurance, balance, focus"? You dont. The objective is to knock out the other person. Look up "boxing" in the dictionary, the description is "the act of fighting with the fists". It doesnt say "the act of showing balance, focus, discipline, etc".

9. ...What is the point of kicking someone in the head? Choking them out? Breaking their bones? Knocking them out? And how is that possibly GOOD and SAFE for the body? They call it "fighting", and call them "fighters" for a reason

10. I was in BJJ for over 3 years, became a purple belt and an instructor. I suffered many injuries. Head trauma, dislocations, broken foot...and a buddy of mine suffered a severe brain hemorrhage...not to mention all the blood spilled, all the people leaving with bruised body and faces, on stretchers, ending up in a hospital. And I still asked myself, what is the point in breaking someones foot? Choking them? And whenever I ask an instructor or "fighter", they can never give me a straight answer.

  1. During fights, I or the other guy would be really hurt and unable to continue. His trainers and team would shout to him to keep going on, whereas the ringside doctor would tell him to stop. That is by far the biggest proof that these mma instructors are full of shit. I was limping around the mat one time, and my instructor told me to keep going, but the doc kept telling me I needed to stop or I could risk serious injury. My instructor brushed it off. It was then when I decided to stop for good, and ask a couple doctors for their advice on whether its worth continuing the sport or not, and they said No. These instructors dont care for their "fighters".

    12. Many times in an mma or boxing match, when the fighter wins, he parades around the ring or cage in excitement. What is he so excited about? The fact he has better athleticism? No, hes excited that he just whooped someones ass. And nobody watches UFC or boxing to watch the "beauty" of it...they watch it because they want to see someone get the shit beat out of them. I think its especially disgusting to see someone knocked out and hurt, and the winner is so happy...hes happy that he hurt someone. In football or other sports, when someone is on the floor hurt, the other guy stops and is worried if hes okay, kneels down to help. Whereas in mma, they dont. And thats sick, but thats what these instructors teach think nothing of it. And thats wrong.

    13. I was watching Fight Science, the Science Behind MMA...and I was disgusted by it. It showed every way to hurt a human being, how hard to hit, where to hit, and how to cause damage to a human. That just sickened me. It didnt explain anything about discipline or self-control, it explained how to inflict pain and damage another humans body...which is sick. They make "fighters" wear why not wear padding over your elbows and knees? I think mma needs to do what they do in the olympics, wear full body padding.

    14. Its SICK to organize fights. You dont organize wars, do you? You dont say "okay today is Russia against Georgia". In the world we live in, you should be teaching people NOT to fight. It promotes violence, plain and simple. Kids run around the halls at school fighting, and its probably because they saw two guys on TV beating each other up, so they think its okay. Sure, mma can teach confidence....the confidence to be able to beat someone up and not feel bad. Beforehand you would say "uhh im not gonna kick him in the head thats mean", but after you say "oh sure thing, ill do that". So yes, you learn confidence...but not "good" confidence.

    15. Look at the majority of people who watch and do that stuff. They are nowhere near quality people. Most are young, or rednecks, guys with all tattoos and stuff, tomboyish girls, party drunks, etc. They are people who just want to fight, LEGALLY. I joined when I was a tattoo driven, wannabe gangster. I left then i finally grew up and now I realize, it was the biggest waste of my life. I have better things to do than beat up someone. And I have tons more confidence, agility, endurance NOW...than when I was in MMA. Putting your 5 year old in Karate is pointless, instructors know little kids believe everything they hear, so they want to brainwash them early to think its perfectly okay when its not. Eventually your kids will turn into bullies at school or wannabes. Some say MMA is spiritual, well please tell me what on Earth a 5 year old knows about spirituality?

    16. Ever heard of Tai-Chi? Capoeira? Both are forms of martial arts that don’t really involve hitting another person. Both are martial arts which, you can tell just by watching…can help with your balance, focus, coordination, etc. Yet, you don’t hit the person in front of you…so why not do that instead? Heck, you could take Zumba classes, or classes that are called "Total Body Conditioning" that dont involve hitting people. If you really want to learn self defense, then take THOSE classes, they are actually called "Self Defense classes", not "tae kwon do, judo, bjj". So if all these martial arts are truelly about self defense, why are there classes out there called "self defense class" then? Or take other sports like football, soccer, hockey. Do you know how much focus, concentration, balance you need to be a Quarterback? A LOT.

    17. Most of the mma people I know, sit around saying "damn I feel like a King, I just want to break someones arm and hit someone so hard their eyeballs jam into their brain". Sounds to me like these people are in it for the discipline and mental toughness, right? No. I asked a lady friend once why she does MMA, and she said because her life is stressful and shes able to take her anger out on others without going to jail for it. Yeah....

    18. Lots of MMA guys think hockey is the 2nd best sport alive because many times two hockey players, fight. Well Im pretty sure they arent fighting because "i want to show my self-control". No, theyre fighting because one guy got pissed at the other...let me repeat that, theyre "fighting". Since when is fighting a good thing or necessary? People "fight" because theyre mad at each other and want to hurt each how can you be so ignorant to tell someone that what two guys do in a cage, ISNT fighting? And is completely safe.

    19. When two guys step in a cage and stare each other down, why are they staring each other down? Because, "I got better endurance than you, dude"....No, its "im gonna kick your ass dude!". If mma is about agility, endurance, discipline, why do they have ringside doctors? Because they know its about fighting, and that people will get hurt. People arent supposed to be hurt intentionally in a "sport". Yes all sports have athletic trainers at the side, but how often do you see them? Not a lot. In mma, you see them after every fight. Man oh man, these mma guys must have great body conditioning if they keep getting HURT.

    20. ...What is the point of kicking someone in the head? Choking them out? Breaking their bones? Knocking them out? And how is that possibly GOOD and SAFE for the body? They call it "fighting", and call them "fighters" for a reason

    21. People shouldnt be fighting unless its absolutely called for. Only if someone bursts into my house, or beats up on my friends/family...should I have to fight. Just like wars. America invaded Germany in the 1940s because Germany was threatening the world. Did America go invade Mexico? No, because Mexico did nothing to them. Same goes with people. What on earth did Tim Sylvia do to Fedor to cause Fedor to choke him out? What, did he steal his girlfriend or something?

    22. Lets not forget Chuck Lidell, posterboy of UFC, once said on the news, "we wouldnt be doing this stuff if we didnt have serious issues". From Chuck himself. Also Matt Serra once said he had a drink at a bar with a guy he was about to "fight", and they left and that was the end of it. Matt said "i dont fight friends, thats why we just had a drink". Well if mma isnt about fighting, then whats he talking about? Fedor once said "i view every man i fight as someone trying to push me back to my days of poverty, this man must be eliminated". Well if mma isnt about fighting, what is he talking about? Cant Matt Serra play endurance/discipline/self control with a friend? Yes, but like he says, its not about that...its "fighting". Then you see pictures and ads for MMA, with 'fighters' showing their fists. Yeah, that doesnt tell me theyre in it for the focus, balance, concentration, etc.
  1. Everytime I argue with MMA guys about this stuff, they comeback at me like middle schoolers, name-calling and threats and all sorts of stuff like that. Dang, sounds to me like they learned some discipline alright. Not really.

    24. What sickens me most are Christians who enjoy the sport. I really dont think God approves of two people beating each other up. Somewhere in the bible it says "bless these hands for battle" mma junkies got all excited and decided to use that as an excuse for it being spiritual and safe. Well, im pretty sure the people who wrote that, didnt mean it as in "stepping in a ring and beating up someone". An instructor once asked me, "well if someone intruded in your house and attacked your mother, would u just stand there?". Umm no, but what does that have to do with stepping in a ring with some guy who didnt do anything to me? Its two totally different things.

    25. On the bright side, a few mma instructors I know from wayyyy back in the day....say martial arts is not what its supposed to be. Cage fighting, UFC, boxing and all a total embarrassment to the sport and its not what martial arts was made to be (though boxing really isnt a martial art). Over at the gym, they offer "Boxing for Fitness" classes, and "MMA for Fitness". But wait...isnt mma and boxing about fitness anyway? So why is one class called "MMA" and the other "MMA for Fitness". Because MMA isnt about fitness, its about fighting. The classes the gym offers doesnt use people and its not contact, they use dummies and bags. If MMA was about fitness, the "fighters" would be wearing full body protection like they do in the Olympics, they also wouldnt allow knockouts and allow someone to get pounded constantly. Like when Gonzaga knocked out Cro-Cop, Cro-Cop was done, he was on the floor and Gonzaga kept going at him til the referee pulled him off. THAT, proves that its "fighting". Same goes with all the other fights, they keep pounding an opponent whos already done, til the referee pulls him off. So if the guy is done, how are you competing "focus, concentration, balance, coordination" against an unconscious person? Hmm?

    26. Most mma people say its NOT about fighting.....well then why do they call them "fights" and "fighters"?...enough said.

    27. ...What is the point of kicking someone in the head? Choking them out? Breaking their bones? Knocking them out? And how is that possibly GOOD and SAFE for the body? They call it "fighting", and call them "fighters" for a reason

    28. Over and over again, they say its SAFE, that gymnastics has more injuries, that there has only been one death (which is a lie). Now lets compare the amount of blood spilled in mma, or the amount of people passed out on the floor in mma, to gymnastics or soccer, etc. Yeah, mma has FAR MORE of that. Also, yoga, pilates, meditation, etc is also another exercise that works the mind and why dont they have competitions for that? Because you really cant compete "mind and body, focus, concentration, etc". But you CAN compete "fighting".

    29. Over 90% of medical associations in this world (except for probably China, Japan, and Thailand) disapprove of mma and boxing. Every doctor Ive spoken to (besides the ringside ones) told me its very detrimental to health and I shouldnt do it. I took the advice from three different top doctors, and I left the sport (if u wanna call it a sport). Wait til you're 55 and start getting Parkinsons. Getting hit in the head, knee'ed, choked...cant possibly be good for the body. Whats the point of it anyway? How does choking someone show self-control? Why do u think boxing and UFC doesnt talk about their old fighters anymore? Like the guys from the 80s and 90s? Because they are old and going thru bad health because of it...just look at Muhammad Ali.

    30. You may burn a lot of calories (which u could do in ANY OTHER sport also)...but think of the long-term effects. Thats the problem with most young people, they never think about the future. Every other sport alive, can teach discipline, respect, self control, balance, confidence, etc. Guys like Brock Lesnar, who is in MMA, tried to go out for NFL and didnt even make the practice squad for the Vikings. Matt Roth, defensive end for the Miami Dolphins does a lot of mma type fighting which he says really helps him be more athletic and tougher....yet he isnt even a starter on the NFL's worst team...

    31. You dont need to know mma to fend off an intruder or someone attacking you.

    32. I believe in knowing how to defend yourself. But what does being attacked on the streets have to do with being organized to fight some random guy who did nothing to me? Schools are trying to teach students NOT to fight.

    33. ...What is the point of kicking someone in the head? Choking them out? Breaking their bones? Knocking them out? And how is that possibly GOOD and SAFE for the body? They call it "fighting", and call them "fighters" for a reason

    34. The people who like and teach mma, boxing, etc are the same people who compare it to the Gladiators in ancient rome...where people would KILL each other. They are the same people who think fighting, blood and gore, are glorious human nature things. ...Im sorry, but thats disgusting. Theres much more to life than fighting, blood, violence. And theres a million ways to improve your athleticism without hurting someone else. Take gymnastics, Tai Chi, Fencing...all are great ways to do it without having to hit another human being.

    35. Many MMA guys dont think females should be allowed to do the sport. Well why not? Its not about FIGHTING, right? Its about self-control, discipline, respect, balance, right? So you're saying females shouldnt be allowed to learn self-control and all that?

    36. Last but not least....What is the point of kicking someone in the head? Choking them out? Breaking their bones? Knocking them out? And how is that possibly GOOD and SAFE for the body? They call it "fighting", and call them "fighters" for a reason

    Seriously...take it from a guy who did the stuff for over 3 years. Running is great for endurance, gymnastics is great for athleticism and balance, tennis is great for hand/eye coordination. Not to mention Fencing, which is perfect for all of it. They are safe, fun and harmless. I joined MMA because I was a punk who enjoyed fighting, and I did just that for many years. Every time someone told me all of this, that MMA is nothing but violence, I would laugh at them and call them stupid...but in reality, i was in denial. I enjoyed fighting and beating up people without going to jail. Then I woke up and realize, its a pointless, violent sport. People need to start thinking "Outside the box".

    A retired UFC fighter said 2 years ago: "I think back in the day, people would "fight" more for the competition aspect. i think attitudes have changed today. people are meaner and angrier now, and most fight for the sole purpose of beating someone up and being gratified and enjoyed by it, someone to take their anger out on. i saw that attitude 11 yrs ago start to surface more than ever, and i got out of competing because honestly that attitude makes me sick." ...can anyone guess who that was? Very popular UFC fighter.

It's the most complete kind of 1-on-1, unarmed, martial competition.

It's for the love of the game, regardless of the injuries.

Wow...I stopped reading after I realized this was a 36-point list about why some random guy on the internet thinks I shouldn't be a fan of the sport. This loser has way too much time.

what the guy meant to say was he sucked at it so he went back to fencing! I see more people come through the ER with major injuries d/t flag football, skateboarding and motorcross!

What a maroon

This has been posted before.

fighting bad...yet a sport revolving around "pretending" to stab someone is ok (fencing)

MMA is fun to to watch. But dont pretend its safe. It is what it is. A combat sport.

Combat sports NEVER sit well with the public. Never will.

 If nothing else, MMA needs to exist to constantly refine and develop the martial arts. Almost every martial art gets to a point where it stops getting better. Moves are done the same way, decade after decade because thats how its done.

With MMA if you win by doing ___ nobody can tell you it doesnt work.

Yes its dangerous, yes you dont have to fight to be a martial artists or benefit from the training. But what it does provide and accomplish makes it worth the risks for some.

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I think you guys are missing the point. He took BJJ for three years and is a purple belt! This guy must be amazing. And all the broken bones and head trauma he suffered during training: he must go to a really tough school. Remember, this guy knows what he's talking about.

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