MMA training forum

Who here would be interested in a site, where we discuss the physical training aspects of making us better fighters? It will be a free forum, but i would charge much like Rodney does for 1 on 1 consultation. Supplements and diet would be discussed as well.
I was just wondering what some of your thoughts would be.

Well you've got this forum, which is free, and the website which is run by myself and ryno, and we do offer training.

There are free articles there that will be updated every month, right now the first edition has articles by xennova, chad hamzeh, nowaydo, and myself.

Next month i'll have another one up, ryno and xen should both have one, chad is writing one now on striking specifically, and more to come soon by wiggy and taku.


I think you misunderstood where I was going with the question. I will be running/hosting a website specifically for training and sports supplementation for contact sports athletes.

Yes, this forum needs yet another person who only posts to plug his own stuff.

I certainly hope this is not your intent.


No it is not my intent, I am very interested in the JKD and shooto and wrestlin forums. I am new here I was just asking a question, but whether or not people from here go to my site, I will still be a active poster here.

Thanks for the reply.

hook it up... make it user feindly and people will come

Thanks for the reply.


there are a decent amount of websites related to the "physical training aspects" of contact sports. Crossfit, Wiggy's site, Scrapper's site, the aforementioned Limitstrength, T-Mag, THIS VERY FORUM, Rossboxing, Maxcondition, Powerathletes magazine, Circular Strength, plus a whole host of other less specifc weightlifting sites. What, exactly, would you contribute?

Not to discourage you or anything. If you think you can get enough traffic to support your site, then by all means, go for it.

and I agree with Vermonter. Please don't spam the board only to plug your stuff.

edited to include Crossfit...cause I love that site.

Look around man, I am not spamming. I have already made numerous posts in the S&C forum, which could use some help.

Crossfit is a excellent program, I have nothing but high regards for those guys, but even their programs could be tweeked a little for individual performance and limiting physical factors. For instance they do three days on, one off. Well if someone is already grappling three days a week and training in say boxing as well twice a week, then adding crossfit on top of it will easily overtrain them.

Not to mention they are firmly against supplementation for the most part, but overall it is a very intelligent board, especailly Rob Wolf, and others when it comes to nutrition issues. As for some of the other sites you named I am not all that familiar with them, could you give me some links possibly?

I have been to numerous camps and seminars at the OTC, and I ran plyometric camps with Juan Moreno and others for two years, throughout Utah, andf Colorado colleges and high schools.

As I said most of those with the exception of crossfit are specific weight training sites, more so than conditioning for a MMA athlete.

However I am not stating that mine is better than hteirs or anything of that nature, my programs might not work for some, where maybe cross fit would or vice versa.

u sound like you know your shit, i would definitly check it out at least once to see how it is...



No reason to doubt you, but it does come across as a bit arrogant and abrupt when you say you're new here, imply that some posters don't know what they are talking about, and offer one on one services that you expect people to pay you for when plenty of other regular posters, many with as much or more experience than you, give away their wisdom here for free.

Set up your site and post some articles. If they are good, the paying customers will come.

I offer all of my information for free here. I can admit when I am wrong if it is backed by solid/sound proof.

I see where you are coming from though.

I have already helped numerous people for free, however I will somehow have to support my board, and I will do it by 1 on 1 consultations. But not for a simple workout plan, it would only be for very in depth training and other things that go along with that.