MMA.TV/Six Deuce Shirts PRE-SALE

Six Deuce / MMA.TV T-Shirt


A collaboration between Six Deuce and, these shirts are currently in production, and will ship Mid-November.

The pre-sale ends on November 12th. Get yours while they last! Limited quantities available.

$17.00 for Men's, $18.00 for Women's shirts...$5.00 off regular pricing!

Click on image to go to Six Deuce Online Store

:) Thanks man

I'm in.


just bought mine

Quik- How are the sizes? Sometimes I'm a men's large, and sometimes I'm a medium, but sometimes the mediums are too narrow around the neck. Would you say the larges are particularly huge, or the average large? I know that sounds like a kind of stupid question, but I want to order a few and I want to be able to wear them....

From the feedback I've received, they all run pretty true to size. (average to just slightly above average) If you get one and it doesn't fit very well, I'll take care of it, just send it back.

nice work Quik!


Nice shirts Quik

thank ya!


just bought mine Quik...thanks in advance. TTT



Thank you!

Thanks for the orders so far!

Don't worry Fur Bear, the Combat Sambo shirts are following this one.

Just ordered two.....
and night

TTT for shirts...

World wide shipping?