MMA'ers that Game

All right all of this grunting and groaning is cool and all but how
many of you are gamers. I am talking the true gamers, not those
who have know idea what an Xbox is, but those that are true

What systems do you use - PC, Mac, Xbox, PS2, Cube?

What are your best games - and the systems?

I will state that if it doesn't blow up or glow when you shoot it or
squirt blood all over the place it is not worth it.


Xbox- UFC Tape Out
Xbox- Dynasty Warriors
Xbox- Ghost Recon

Theses are my top 3 games that I own. Actually any of the Tom Clancy games are cool.

One of the original LPBs (low ping bastard) since '97 when Sprint installed an ISDN PRI to my house.

Played on-line Quake2 DM and CTF (Capture the Flag) and have been owning ever since. Occasionally play now ... once a week, during weekends, mainly because my PC sux (500MHz). I mostly spec so I can laugh at the noobs.

Will build a new gear when CPU prices fall some more end of the year.

Ok where is sam hell are all the people flocking to Halo damit. Itis
the game of the year and when you can go online and play teams
it is bad ass - also checkout - this site is funny as

Splinter Cell is the shit, I am now a full fledged jedi (darkside of
course), can't seem to finish two towers or matrix - something
about dying all the time.

As we all know Josh and I are heavily into Diablo xpac so with that
said itis time to go kick Josh's Pali's behind (thinking of which
charcter to use).


PSX- Tobal 2. Greatest fighting game ever. Clinches, throws, throw counters, breakfalls that reduce damage from throws. It's got it all.

PS2- VF Evolution is a good fighting game. Victorious Boxers is one of the best boxing sims.

PC - Delta Force Land Warrior by Novalogic. Played this for hours everyday for about two years straight when i was stuck stationed up in Alaska. Played on a bunch of squads (lol yea..its that bad up there) ~HK~ *DFR* [eo] ~fw~ [sped] and *SAW* which is currently the top squad playing.

since i left ak, i havnt played a video game for more than maybe 10 mins.

I've played Everquest for about 4 years. Something about the team play aspect that makes it fun for me.

Xbox rules too. Topspin Tennis and NCAA 04 are my current favorites.

atari 2600- adventure, space invaders, pitfall, asteroids, defender

you mean for multiplayer stuff?

xbox- ghost recon, rainbow six 3

PC- battlefield 1942 (regular or DC), medieval: total war, starcraft, unreal tournament

You know what I heard the rainbow 6 was bad ass.

I'm with John Serbin, but I don't remember the Atari system heck pac-man and Q-bert.

Hi Mario,

Interesting question. My ethnic background is, half Chinese, half Polish. Serbin is my fathers stepfathers last name. His original last name is something like Wershwinski (sp?). I don't really know my fathers side of the family that well at all. I do know my fathers stepfather was Jewish even though my dad is Roman Catholic. I have been mistaken for everything from Mexican to Samoan to Japanese. When I was bartending i would get someone about once a week tell me they know someone who looks just like me. Go figure, I wouldn't think there are too many 1/2 Chinese 1/2 Polish Japanese/Samoan/Mexican looking guys out there. Basically I am a heinz 57 mutt. Long answer for a short question. By the way the Chinese side of my family own a chinese restaurant in Pittsburgh PA named the House of Chang if anyone ever has a chance to go. Best eggrolls in the country! That's my shameless plug for the day.

Intellivision: astrosmash, donkey kong, burger time.

I play on my pc mostly...

Battlefield 1942 with the desert combat mod...

Total addict..

Just bought secret weapons of ww2 expansion for BF, havnt tried it yet though..

You guys ever wanna battle, bring it on, I am a special forces all around commando mother fucker...My record score for online play is 122-94-2..Thats right I took 94 online lives with 2..Step up to the mic and get busted.

Not only do I game but I don't really play video games. I play friggin' D&D still. Top that for nerdiness.

All judoka with PS2s have an obligation to buy VF4 just for Goh. It's only $20.

I've also got a couple different judoka for FireProWrestling on my GBA that fight MMA-style.

So far, no judo on my Gamecube, but I do have a training gym in Animal Crossing, complete with benches, heavy and speed bags, and a full ring.

PC: Starcraft Brood War, Disciples 2

PS1: FF7

Willybone, you just reminded me of a story.

It was July 2002 and a young Sothy had just arrived in Japan and had a few weeks before he had to start work. Perusing the local shopping arcade, I stumbled into an actual arcade.

As the owner of a PS2, I confidently walked up to the VF4 machine, but low and behold, this wasn't the VF4 that I knew, for there were 2 new characters. No problem, I started my game as Lau.

Now, this particular system had 6 machines set-up in a hexagonal shape, so if someone was watching you play you had no way of knowing, and it also had memory cards, so you could enter in your custom character (ie. clothing, headgear if you had been shamed, etc.).

Advancing through the levels, I found myself up to one level before Dural when suddenly I had a 'new challenger'. WTF? Didn't realize that someone could be watching me...

he was Jackie. But not your average Jackie, this was a guy with a memory card. Man, I have never been beat so badly since Grade 7 on SF2. It was embarassing.

So I am a gammer, but I am no pro ;o)

(still, I was considered worthy of being challenged I guess!)

Pride Fighting Championship for Ps2. The create a player mode is the best out there for creating mma fighters. Hopefully the new one that just came out in japan comes out over here soon. Me and my friends made an entire league of people on the first one. All 5 weight classes for MMA, 17 fighters for each one, so we could hold 16 man tournaments and the winner gets a shot at the current champion. Then we made ourselves and entered our own weight classes on Hard. That game is badass

i have about 14 classic atari games on my laptop... battlezone, pong, breakout, super breakout, millipede, centipede, missle command, and a ton of others..

other thant hat.. the only game i play is D2- LOD.