Info is a new networking site that connects fighters, fans, gyms, trainers, promoters, and events all for free.

As a fan, you can add your favorite fighters to your profile and follow their blogs, their upcoming fights, and purchase tickets to their events all from their pages. I have a number of friends who are fighters that have signed up for the site, and I have heard nothing but good things.

As a fighter, you can connect with your fans through blogs to keep them informed on your upcoming fights, how your training is going, or any other information you want. This is a great way to grow a local fan base and promote your upcoming fights. When you sell your event tickets through the site, it gives you a little extra money in your pocket as well.
As a promoter/matchmaker, you can contact fighters for your upcoming cards and have an extra avenue to promote your events.

No matter how you use the site, it is completely one hundred percent free. They are starting to sign a lot of pro fighters, Hendo just signed up and they made a licensing deal with Clinch Gear. They will be running contests for fighters and fans to give away free clothes and training gear.

I thought I would make a quick little write up since there are a lot of pro/am fighters and promoters that use this site. I have gotten to know these guys from some of the regional MMA shows I have attended and they are really trying to better the industry by creating a tool that will help fighters and promoters on all levels to grow their shows, their fan base, and their careers.
Check it out, and tell your friends.

P.S. They are always looking for feedback regarding the sites. If you have any ideas to make the site better just contact them through email.

If you own a gym or are a trainer, you can sign up on the site as well.

sounds like a great concept for new fighters. Hope it succeeds.

Thanks RickStorm

BTW if you're a midwest MMA fan, you especially need to sign up for There's no better way to get in touch with the Midwest's top MMA fighters and promotions.

I support this thread.


Fans and fighters can upload video to the website to be stored in the fighter profile (if its approved). The fighters profile can be used as a tool to promote themselves to potential sponsors by having all their information listed, as well as fight photos and highlight videos.

Appreciate the support everyone! And healzyou is absolutely correct about feedback, we are always looking to make the site better and really appreciate all the feedback we can get.

 Good luck with your venture.


Just to clarify, we ( partnering with Clinch Gear to do a segment called the Clinch Gear Fighter of the Month. Clinch Gear will do a 1 fight sponsorship which includes the following:
3 Walk Out Tshirts ( 1-fighter / 2- cornermen)
1 Pair of Shorts
1 Hat
The Clinch Gear Fighter of the Month will have a dedicated page on and a link on We have made some rules to become eligible.
1.) complete your MmaFreeAgent profile completely
2.) Upload at least 3 photos
3.) Upload at least 3 vids
4.) Have at least 1 blog post
5.) Have at least 10 fans

We think it is a great opportunity for fighters to get noticed, hope everyone likes it.



I do notice Hendo didn't finish updating his fight record. lol


The MN Kid - I do notice Hendo didn't finish updating his fight record. lol

4-0-0 with his KO of Bisping counting twice...

Sounds right to me!

The KO was so great you have to count it twice.

MMAFreeAgent is a great website, they have some great things going on there.

Blue namer please: