Morton says "No" to urine test? reported Mr. Morton refused a urine test after the fight. For all I know it was cuz he couldn't stand up after being ko'd. But that made me question if Brock was tested, cuz you know...wrasslers have been known know...juice.

Anyone got word on this?


The report I saw indicted that Morton refused, at his agent's insistence. 

He lives by me and I've seen him around for years. He was bigger than I'd ever seen him, but that could have been from lift and not running out patterns.

He looked like he was in a coma for a few minutes

If he's refusing to oblige the committee despite them withholding his purse then you know what THAT means. :)

Grape Juice !

I thought he ultimately took it and it was positive. Lesnar's been tested numerous times.

wow, you mean he got KTFO for

"wow, you mean he got KTFO for"

lol exactly why it leads me to believe his is/was juicing.

I would be surprised if the CSAC didn't test Lesnar. The guy is a freak physically, but that could be genetics and years of dedication.

Lesner may be a freak, but come on.

Why do guys use juice instead of Hormone?

years of dedication = years of juicing?

"Why do guys use juice instead of Hormone"

What does this mean? Juice is based on testosterone, and that is a hormone.

Or did you mean hgh?

Come to think of it, that is a good question.

Why would someone who knew they were going to get tested use juice instead of hgh? It is because of side effects or something?

HGH by itself dosn't do much for strength (but it will burn fat like a bitch), most guys using HGH do so with a cycle of Test.

Is HGH legal?

Only with a Dr.'s prescription.


Not legal, but they don't have tests (yet) that are accepted for determining whether using or not.

^^not without a prescription (within USA)

I'm in Canada, how does one aquire? What do you need to get a perscription?

Half the guys (if not more) in the NFL are on it.