Most disappointing UFC prospect

I'd have to say Nathan Marquart. He was sought after by ZUFFA for a while, highly touted and is a true talent.Yet both his fights thus far have been horrible.

Fight vs. Doerkson was very entertaining imo. very good bout.

The Doerksen fight was pretty good, but that was due to Doerksen.

I've been a Marquardt fan for years, and he's been exciting for his whole career. For some reason, he seems perfectly content to win boring decisions in the UFC. I don't understand it.

Ryan is correct, he took that fight on short notice and showed striking that no one thought he had. He gassed in the third and Nate had a great 3rd round. But I for one expected much more from him.

^^ second that^^

that's a decent one, but I'm thinking in terms of what's expected of them, what we anticipate. I think more was expected out of Nate as he's the KOP, while Joe was just in KOTC and Gladiator Challenge.

I hope so Memnock, also Neer injured his knee badly in that kneebar with Joe, he just fought off the pain. But he is still healing from it.

oh, I had high hopes for Ausuero Silva as well, I thought he would thoroughly thrash Sylvia, I was wrong.

Diaz. His results should be far better than they are. Plenty of talent. Needs to finish!

Dave Menne.

To me Belfort having a BJJ Black Belt, incredible hands, youth, etc. etc. he has been the biggest bust

Davess, but he was a title holder in the old UFC and the new UFC, so he's not really a disappointment, just faded in time. I'm referring to new blood that is generally highly touted but yields miminal results.

Diaz doesn't belong in this category. Except for his fight with Sherk he has always brought the pain. He doesn't always win, but he gave Riggs, Diego and Karo a great fight.

Would love to see him on every ufc but if he never fights Sherk again that would be too soon for me.

Neer didn't tear shit in his knee and he isn't recovering still, he is training getting ready for his next fight.

theres someone relatively bad they are aying a ton of money for just due to his name...

Mike Whitehead

PMSL at peaple thinking diaz is a disappointing prospect how old do you idiots think diaz is?

his career is still young he has more than 10 years of MMA left in him.

Diaz is going streight to the hall of fame.

agreed about Whitehead


Bas Rutten could be up there. He got a lot of help from the ref against TK w/ all of the standups, and the Randleman fight was questionable too.

He was SOOOO hyped up, he had 2 tough fights and he retired. I think everyone wanted to see hime compete a little more.